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Mission Planning

Routes Overview

A route is a set of waypoints. Initially, each route consists of the same standard set of waypoints:
  1. Take-Off
  2. Rendezvous - Flights from different airfields will join up here
  3. Ingress - Entry into enemy airspace
  4. Initial Point - The Groups split at this point to perform their individual duties
  5. Regroup - The Groups join up again
  6. Egress - Exit enemy air space
  7. Disperse - Flights from different airfields split up
  8. Landing

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As it is possible to drag waypoints around the map, Ingress and Egress waypoints are not always strictly associated with the position of enemy airspace.

A typical planning map screen
A typical planning map screen

Aircraft in the same Wave fly together from the Rendezvous to the Initial Point. Each Group then has its own set of waypoints to follow in the Target Zone.

It is possible to insert and delete additional waypoints. However it is not possible to delete any of the standard set. Additional waypoints can be added to both the main route and Target Zone.

Waypoints can be set for individual elements. If you had a mission with two flights of Flak Suppression aircraft, you could give the four elements different routes in the Target Zone. As it is possible to define Main and Secondary Targets, you could authorize eight different targets with just two flights of aircraft.