Africa 1 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • Cross country
  • Burundi  Burundi
  • location_cityBujumbura
  • flight_takeoffHBBA Bujumbura to HBBA Bujumbura
  • directions79 nm
  • Gitega airport HBBE in Gitega, Burundi is closed. Rather inconvenient.
    But, on the bright side this gives us a reason to go cross country and enjoy the spectacular terrain.
    Take off then, from Bujumbura International Airport HBBA.
    Fly ~ 40 nm E to Gitega and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery.
    You will need to climb to 8,000 ft to clear the terrain.
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  • City of Seven Hills
  • Cameroon  Cameroon
  • location_cityYaounde
  • flight_takeoffFKYS Nsimalen to FKYS Nsimalen
  • directions30 nm
  • Check out the hills and the Presidential Palace on the north western edge of Cameroon's capital Yaounde. If you talk to the tower at Yaounde Ville Airport they may let you do a 'touch and go', or perhaps you can land and have some afternoon tea as you watch the trafiic!
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  • Secret City
  • Cape Verde  Cape Verde
  • location_cityPraia
  • flight_takeoffGVNP Mandela to GVNP Mandela
  • directions47 nm
  • Fly out of Cape Verde's capital Praia to the mountainous interior and explore the plateau cities of Santa Catarina and Pico d'Antonia. Return to the coast via a 'smuggler's run' down steep valleys and along the southern coast.
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  • Monte Graciosa
  • Cape Verde  Cape Verde
  • location_cityPraia
  • flight_takeoffGVNP Mandela to GVNP Mandela
  • directions63 nm
  • Follow the roads from the capital Praia in the south, through the mountainous centre and to Monte Graciosa in the north west. Fly back down the west coast of the island.
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  • Bimbo Patrol
  • Central African Republic  Central African Republic
  • location_cityBangui
  • flight_takeoffFEFF M’Poko to FEFF M’Poko
  • directions43 nm
  • Bangui is the capital of the Central African Republic. It lays on the northern shore of the Ubangi River, which in turn forms the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Explore the lush country to the north east and return along the border at the Ubangi River.
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