Caribbean 2 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • British Virgin Islands
  • British Virgin Islands  British Virgin Islands
  • location_cityRoad Town
  • flight_takeoffTUPJ Terrance B. Lettsome to TUPJ Terrance B. Lettsome
  • directions51 nm
  • Take off from Terrance B. Lettsome ap, 4 m NE of the capital Road Town. There are lots of bays, beaches and resorts to explore on this trip. I have set the waypoints to the most obvious points in the landscape but have fun and explore! The British Virgin Islands has some of the highest terrain in the Carribean, with Sage Mountain National Park exceeding 2,000 ft.
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  • Bonaire, Salt of the Earth
  • Caribbean Netherlands  Caribbean Netherlands
  • location_cityBonaire
  • flight_takeoffTNCB Bonaire to TNCB Bonaire
  • directions46 nm
  • Caribbean Netherlands consists of the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Bonaire is about 40 nm N of Venezuela. Follow the coast of Bonaire, visiting the enormous saltworks and their colourful drying pans south of the airport.
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  • Grand Cayman
  • Cayman Islands  Cayman Islands
  • location_cityGeorge Town
  • flight_takeoffMWCR Roberts to MWCR Roberts
  • directions41 nm
  • Grand Cayman is a major cruise ship destination and the largest in the Cayman's chain, the other two being Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Fly out of the capital George Town and circumnavigate Grand Cayman Island.
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  • Bay of Cardenas
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityMatanzas
  • flight_takeoffMUVR Juan G. Gomez to MUVR Juan G. Gomez
  • directions12, 40, 67 nm
  • Explore the Bay of Cardenas, 60 miles east of Havana. At about 3 miles past WP1 you will fly past Kawama Aerodrome / Santa Marta Airport MUKW on your right, at the base of the Hicacos Peninsula.
    Return flights:
    12 nm - WP 1: Bay of Camarioca
    40 nm: WP 1 & 2: Hicacos Peninsula
    67 nm: Entire route
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  • Havana to the South Coast
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityHavana
  • flight_takeoffMUHA Jose Marti to MUHA Jose Marti
  • directions20, 34, 40, 56, 75 nm
  • Take off from Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba's capital city Havana and explore the countryside down to the south coast. Along the way familiarise yourself with the location of three other airports.
    The lake at WP 1 is a good reference for approaching RWY 24, being 3 miles from the threshold.
    Return trip options:
    20 nm: San Antonio de los Banos Airport MUSA at WP 6
    34 nm: Batabano Airport MUBO (Agricultural) at WP 5
    40 nm: Lake at WP 1 and the dam at WP 2
    56 nm: Juan de la Cruz Airport MUGU at WP 5
    75 nm: Entire route
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  • Havana's Northern Shores
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityHavana
  • flight_takeoffMUHA Jose Marti to MUHA Jose Marti
  • directions17, 27, 48, 69 nm
  • Fly out of Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba's capital city Havana and explore the local coastline. The lake at WP 1 is a good reference for approaching RWY 24, being 3 miles from the threshold.
    Return trip options:
    17 nm: Centre of Havana, WP 4
    37 nm: NE shore and Havana: WP 1,2,3,4
    48 nm: NW shore and Havana: WP 4,5,6
    69 nm: Entire route
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  • Nickel and Dams, Cuba Northwest
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityHolguin
  • flight_takeoffMUMO Orestes Acosta to MUMO Orestes Acosta
  • directions34. 50 . 101 nm
  • Fly out of Orestes Acosta MUMO at the town of Moa on Cuba's north east coast. Moa is dominated by the nickel mining operation at the Pedro Soto Alba Nickel Plant. Fly west through the Pico Cristal National Park and return along the north coast.
    Return flights:
    34 nm: Guajaco Uno
    50 nm: Dam at WP 1, WP2 Guajaco Uno
    101 nm: Entire route
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  • Fountain of Youth
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityIsla de la Juventud
  • flight_takeoffMUNG Rafael Cabrera to MUNG Rafael Cabrera
  • directions9, 16, 71 nm
  • Take off from Rafael Cabrera (MUNG) and find the fountain of youth on the Isla de la Juventud in the Gulf of Batanabo.
    Return journeys:
    9 nm - Across Nueva Gerona, north of the airport
    16 nm - to Las Nuevas Lake at WP 2
    71 nm - Entire Route
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  • Matanzas North West Coast
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityMatanzas
  • flight_takeoffMUVR Juan G. Gomez to MUVR Juan G. Gomez
  • directions15, 36, 60 nm
  • Located 45 nm east of Havana, Matanzas is capital of the Province of Matanzas. Take off from Juan G. Gomez International Airport. Fly to Matanzas, over several large lakes and return along the coast from Santa Cruz del Norte, about 20 miles east of Havana.
    Return flights:
    15 nm: WP 1, Matanzas
    36 nm: WP 1,2 - Caunavaco Dam
    60 nm: Entire route
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  • Pinar del Rio Bush Strip Tour
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_cityPinar del Rio
  • flight_takeoffMULM La Coloma to MULM La Coloma
  • directions11, 14, 27, 75 nm
  • La Coloma MULM is the longest airfield in this area. This fertile region hosts a bevy of agricultural airstrips. Take a light aircraft, check out the farms and do touch and go's at the strips.
    NOTAM: The large lake Embalse el Punto (2 miles EW, 3 miles NS) is about 2 miles from the threshold of RWY 25 at La Coloma.
    Return trips:
    11 nm - Pinar del Rio at WP 9
    14 nm - La Coloma Port at WP 1
    27 nm - WP 1,2
    75 nm - Entire route
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  • Dams of the South West, Santiago de Cuba
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • location_citySantiago de Cuba
  • flight_takeoffMUCU Antonio Maceo to MUCU Antonio Maceo
  • directions11, 23, 85 nm
  • Santiago de Cuba is the second-largest city in Cuba and the capital city of Santiago de Cuba Province. Take off from Antonio Maceo International Airport MUCU and visit 7 of the local water cachements. See how many others you can spot on your trip!
    Return flights:
    11 nm: Fly north for 5 miles across the city of Santiago de Cuba
    23 nm: WP 7, Blanka Lake Dam
    85 nm: Entire route
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  • Willemstad East
  • Curacao  Curacao
  • location_cityWillemstad
  • flight_takeoffTNCC Willemstad to TNCC Willemstad
  • directions4, 10, 15, 20, 31, 35 nm
  • Take off from Willemstad Airport TNCC, aka Hato International Airport and fly to the east end of Curacao. At the eastern end of Curacao youi can see the tiny uninhabited island of Klein Curacao about 6 nm offshore.
    Return flights:
    4 nm: Piscadera Bay
    10 nm: Willemstad Harbour
    15 nm: Curacao Sea Aquarium & Dolphin Academy
    20 nm: Sint Joris Bay
    31 nm: Eastpoint / Oostpunt
    35 nm: Entire route
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  • Dominica's Rugged Coastline
  • Dominica  Dominica
  • location_cityRoseau
  • flight_takeoffTDCF Roseau-Canefield to TDCF Roseau-Canefield
  • directions3, 15, 28, 64 nm
  • Follow the rugged coastline around the Island country of Dominica in the east Caribbean, north of Guyana and Venezuela. It's closest neighbours are Base-Terre to the north and Martinique to the south.
    Routes (return distance):
    3 nm: South to Roseau
    15 nm: Scotts Head
    28 nm: Straight line to Douglas-Charles Airport at WP 4
    64 nm: Entire route
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  • Last Resort
  • Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic
  • location_cityPunta Cana
  • flight_takeoffMDPC Punta Cana to MDPC Punta Cana
  • directions17, 70, 91 nm
  • Punta Cana is a resort town at the easternmost point of the Dominican Republic. Check out 34 miles of resorts to the NE and return via the El Prieto and La Colora mountains.
    Return flights: 17 nm: Punta Espada at WP 4 | 70 nm: Laguna del Limon | 91 nm: Entire route
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  • Natural Wonders
  • Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic
  • location_citySanta Cruz de Barahona
  • flight_takeoffMDBH Maria Montez to MDBH Maria Montez
  • directions44, 101, 155 nm
  • Fly out of Santa Cruz de Barahona 60 nautical miles east of the Dominican Republic's capital Santo Domingo and marvel at the natural wonders in the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park.
    NOTAM: The Haiti / Dominican Republic border runs through the mid point of Playita de Punta dam. The border ascends into the mountains after WP 2 and there are no visible clues as to where it is. WP 3-4 take you straight along the border from 5 miles after WP 3.
    Return flights:
    44 nm: NW to Lake Enriquillo
    101 nm: Coastal flight, straight to WP 4 - Pedernales Beach, return along the coast via WP 5-8
    155 nm: Entire route
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  • Pico Duarte
  • Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic
  • location_citySanta Cruz de Barahona
  • flight_takeoffMDBH Maria Montez to MDBH Maria Montez
  • directions35, 44, 96, 148 nm
  • Go to the highest point in the entire Caribbean. At 10,164 ft the Pico Duarte is located almost exactly in thecentre of the island continent of Haiti / Dominican Republic.
    Return flights:
    35 nm: WP 1 - Port town of Puerto Viejo
    44 nm: WP 7 - Presa de Sanameta Yegua (Dam)
    96 nm: WP 5 - Pico Duarte
    148 nm: Entire route
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  • Santo Domingo NW: Dam Spotting
  • Dominican Republic  Dominican Republic
  • location_citySanto Domingo
  • flight_takeoffMDSD Las Americas to MDSD Las Americas
  • directions53, 72, 130 nm
  • Explore the lush valleys and go dam-spotting to the north west of the Dominican Republic's capital Santo Domingo.
    53 nm: Fly across Santo Domingo to WP 1, return along the coast via WP 8,9,10
    72 nm: Fly across Santo Domingo to WP 1, 2 dams at WP 6, return along the coast via WP 7,8,9,10
    130 nm: Entire route
  • attach_filedominican-republic-MDSD-to-MDSD-VFR-santo-domingo-220624
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