Caribbean 3 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • El Gran Tour
  • Federal Dependencies of Venezuela  Federal Dependencies of Venezuela
  • location_cityIsla Gran Roque
  • flight_takeoffSVRS El Gran Roque to SVRS El Gran Roque
  • directions51, 60 nm
  • Take off from Los Roques Airport and check out the many small islands of the Federal Dependencies of Venezuela.
    Round trips: 51 nm: Entire route | 60 nm: Isla La Orchila. A rather barren island HDG 120 for 20 nm. Mysteriously, it does have a 9,839 ft runway!
    NOTAM: Los Roques runway is only 2,652 ft long, so choose a suitable aircraft for your flight. Dos Mosquisos has a small strip at 1,635 ft.
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  • Carriacou: Land of Reefs
  • Grenada  Grenada
  • location_cityCarriacou
  • flight_takeoffTGPZ Lauriston to TGPZ Lauriston
  • directions21 nm
  • Carriacou (meaning Land of Reefs) lays about 14 m north of the main island of Grenada. More picturesque than the main island, check out it's charming bays and beaches as well as the islands of Petite Martinique NE and Large Island to the south.
    NOTAM: Lauriston TGPZ runway is 2,615 ft.
    Entire route: 21 nm
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  • Guadeloupe
  • Guadeloupe  Guadeloupe
  • location_cityBasse-Terre
  • flight_takeoffTFFR Pointe-a-Pitre to TFFR Pointe-a-Pitre
  • directions30, 40, 48, 52, 54, 139 nm
  • Guadelope is a Caribbean region of France with six inhabited islands: Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, two Iles des Saintes. Take off from Pointe-a-Pitre TFFR in the capital Les Abymes and visit all six main islands. Alternatively you can make shorter trips using the suggested routes. The island of La Desirade has spectacular cliff faces on the northern shore.
    139 nm: Entire route
    Round trips to local airports: 30 nm: Saint-Francois TFFC 1965 ft at WP 6 | 40 nm: Bailliff TFFB, 1999 ft at WP 2 | 48 nm: Le Saintes TFFS, 1897 ft at WP 3 | 52 nm: Desirade TFFA, 1979 ft at WP 5 | 54 nm: Maria Galante TFFM, 4060 ft at WP 4
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  • The Colours of Nan Fort
  • Haiti  Haiti
  • location_cityCap Haitien
  • flight_takeoffMTCH Cap Haitien to MTCH Cap Haitien
  • directions68, 101, 162 nm
  • Fly from Cap Haitien on Haiti's north coast to the westernmost point on the island, about 45 west of Cuba. Start by flying west over the rugged terrain of the Gros-Morne Arrondissement (adminstrative area), Nan Palmiste, then follow the spectacular coastline south and east back to Gonaives.
    Return trips: 68 nm: Gonaives | 101 nm: Gonaives and Nan Fort | 162 nm: Entire route
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  • Cap Haitien to Tortuga
  • Haiti  Haiti
  • location_cityCap Haitien
  • flight_takeoffMTCH Cap Haitien to MTCH Cap Haitien
  • directions30, 40, 50, 60, 107 nm
  • Fly out of Cap Haitien on Haiti's north coast to the island of Tortuga. Pass the coastal areas of the Baie de I'Acul, Boyeou, Chouchou, Le Borgne, Grand Fond, Anse a Foleur, Cap Rouge, Saint-Louis-du-Nord and La Pointe.
    Return flights: 30 nm: Boyeou, Chouchou | 40 nm: Le Borgne | 50 nm: Grand Fond, Anse a Foleur | 60 nm: Cap Rouge, Saint-Louis-du-Nord | 107 nm: Entire route
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  • Dr. No
  • Jamaica  Jamaica
  • location_cityKingston
  • flight_takeoffMKJP Norman Manley to MKJP Norman Manley
  • directions31, 40, 58, 80, 132 nm
  • Fly around the rugged scenery in Jamaica's eastern region and stop for a martini, shaken, not stirred, at James Bond Beach on the northern shoreline. This beach featured in the movie 'Dr. No', starring Sean Connery as Bond and based on the book of the same name by ex-secret agent and author Ian Fleming.
    Fly back south via the bauxite mines at Ewarton.
    Round trips: 31 nm: Great Pond of Yallahs at Pamphret, WP 1 | 40 nm: Bauxite mine at Ewarton WP 7 | 58 nm: Bath Airfield MKGO 2794 ft WP 1,2 | 80 nm: Ian Fleming International Airport via WP 8,7,6,5 | 132 nm: Entire route
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  • Cockpit Country
  • Jamaica  Jamaica
  • location_cityMontego Bay
  • flight_takeoffMKJS Sangster to MKJS Sangster
  • directions20, 27, 53, 72, 168 nm
  • Explore the western regions of Jamaica, flying out from Sangster International Airport at Montego Bay. Fly down the west coast and return over Cockpit Country, which refers to the proliferation of shallow caves in that region. Along the way fly over several smaller aerodromes: Negril, Port Esquivel, Kirkvine and Silent Hill. Check the runway lengths before attempting any landings!
    Round trips: 20 nm: Falmouth Harbour
    27 nm: Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort / Lucea Harbour
    53 nm: WP 1, WP 2 - Negril Aerodrome MKNG 2490 ft
    72 nm: Direct to Kirkvine Airstrip MKWI 2219 ft
    Entire route: 168 nm
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  • Montagne Pelee
  • Martinique  Martinique
  • location_cityFort-de-France
  • flight_takeoffTFFF Aime Cesaire to TFFF Aime Cesaire
  • directions20, 24, 34, 74 nm
  • Fort-de-France is the capital of the Caribbean island of Martinique, a French overseas territory. Take off from Le Lamentin (TFFF) 9842 ft. There are two distinctive mountains which are visible from all points on the island. At the north end Montagne Pelee at an elevation of 4583 ft/1397 m. and 6 miles south "Twin Peaks" (my nomenclature) at 3871 ft/1180 m.
    Round trips:
    20 nm: Le Marin
    24 nm: Tartane
    34 nm: Montagne Pelee
    74 nm: Entire route
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  • Caveat Aviator
  • Montserrat  Montserrat
  • location_cityGerald’s
  • flight_takeoffTRPG Gerald’s to TRPG Gerald’s
  • directions16, 23 nm
  • Take off with caution from Gerald’s / John A. Osborne International Airport TRPG located on a hill in the centre of the island. I say carefully not so much because of the volcano at Soufriere Hills, but because the runway is only 1,935 ft in length. The Soufriere Hills volcano last erupted in the 1990s.
    Entire route (as the crow flies): 16 nm
    Circumnavigation: 23 nm
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  • Spartan Ferrum
  • Nueva Esparta  Nueva Esparta
  • location_cityPorlamar
  • flight_takeoffSVMG Santiago Marino to SVMG Santiago Marino
  • directions23, 34, 54, 113 nm
  • Nueva Esparta (New Sparta) has red soil, characteristic of high levels of Iron (Latin: Ferrum). It is a Caribbean province of Venezuela consisting of three islands: Margarita Island, Coche Island and Cubagua Island. Take off from Santiago Marino airport SVMG in the capital Porlamar and fly to the extreme compass points.
    Round trips:
    23 nm: WP 9 El Guamache (southernmost point of Isla de Coche)
    34 nm: WP 2 Hill at Cabo Negro (most northerly point on Isla de Margarita)
    54 nm: WP 7 Beach: Playa Punta Arenas (most westerly point on Isla de Margarita)
    113 nm: Entire route
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  • Lighter than Air
  • Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico
  • location_cityAguadilla Pueblo
  • flight_takeoffTJBQ Rafael Hernandez to TJBQ Rafael Hernandez
  • directions13, 68, 98 nm
  • Take a light aircraft and have fun landing at this selection of tiny airstrips. Aerostato de Lajas is a launching station for lighter-than-air vehicles (blimps). You will be flying out of Rafael Hernandez International TJBQ near Aguadilla Pueblo on Puerto Rico's north west coast. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is on the south west extremity of the island.
    Return flights:
    13 nm: WP 1 - Communication Facility
    68 nm: WP 4 - Cabo Rojo Lighthouse
    98 nm: Entire route
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  • Vieques Island
  • Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico
  • location_cityPonce
  • flight_takeoffTJPS Mercedita to TJPS Mercedita
  • directions32, 152 nm
  • Fly out of Mercedita airport in Ponce, cruise the south coast and then travel to Puerto Rico's second largest island, Vieques.
    NOTAM: You may want to do an airshow at Salinas Speedway? Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport TJVQ 4296 ft is 3,5 nm west of Vieques City (WP 6).
    Return flights:
    36 nm: Salinas Speedway
    152 nm: Entire route
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  • San Juan East
  • Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico
  • location_citySan Juan
  • flight_takeoffTJSJ Luis Munoz to TJSJ Luis Munoz
  • directions12, 15, 23, 77 nm
  • Take off from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and explore the north eastern corner of Puerto Rico's main island. Some of the coastal resorts you will see are Fajardo, Playa Fortuna, Coco Beach Golf Club, Suarez, and the capital San Juan.
    Return flights:
    12 nm: WP 2 - Carraizo Dam
    15 nm: WP 1 - San Felipe del Morro Castle on San Juan Bay
    23 nm: WP 6 - Fajardo Harbour
    77 nm: Entire route
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  • San Juan and west to Arecibo
  • Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico
  • location_citySan Juan
  • flight_takeoffTJSJ Luis Munoz to TJSJ Luis Munoz
  • directions31, 68, 96 nm
  • Visit the famous radio telescope at Arecibo and enjoy the beachs of Puerto Rico's central north coast.
    NOTAM: Antonio/Nery/Juarbe Regional Airport Pol TJAB 3979 ft is 2 nm SE of Arecibo. You will pass it on the N and W.
    Return flights:
    31 nm: West along the coast to Dorado
    68 nm: West along the coast to Los Molinos
    96 nm: Entire route
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  • 32 Islands
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • location_cityKingstown
  • flight_takeoffTVSA Argyle to TVSA Argyle
  • directions20 nm: WP 1 - La Soufrie Volcano, 25 nm: Bequia Island, 74 nm: Union Island, 109 nm: Entire route nm
  • Climb to the volcano at the north of Saint Vincent and then take a leisurely flight down the rigged west coast. Hit the open waters to visit a few of the 32 islands in the Grenadines group to the south: Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island, Petit Saint Vincent, Mustique, Baliceauz and Battowia.
    NOTAM: Plan your ascent to La Souffrie carefully as the lip is about 4200ft in elevation. Better to gain altitude over the water than risk stalling into the mountainside during a max performance climb. Not that it ever happened to me!
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  • Treacherous Reefs
  • San Andres and Providencia  San Andres and Providencia
  • location_cityProvidencia
  • flight_takeoffSKPV El Embrujo to SKPV El Embrujo
  • directions10 nm
  • San Andres and Providencia are territories of Colombia consisting of three islands: San Andres to the south and Providencia and Santa Catalina 50 nm to the north. Take off from El Embrujo SKPV 4232ft and cruise the coast, from Santa Catalina in the north to the treacherous reefs extending up the east coast.
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