Europe 3 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • Kosovo Border Patrol
  • Kosovo  Kosovo
  • location_cityPristina
  • flight_takeoffBKPR Pristina to BKPR Pristina
  • directions188, 88, 72, 63, 36, 40 nm
  • Wave the flag at Kosovo's border crossings with Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia. Note: RWY ALT is 1,787 ft. Shorter return routes, to border crossings with: 88 nm | Montenegro 72 nm | Albania at Kasaj 63 nm | Albania at Morine 36 nm | Macedonia at Elez Han 40 nm | Serbia
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  • Liechtenstein Border Patrol
  • Liechtenstein  Liechtenstein
  • location_cityVaduz
  • flight_takeoffLSZR Altenrhein to LSZR Altenrhein
  • directions65 nm
  • Liechtenstein is a small European country about 12 miles by 6 miles in size, and nestled between Switzerland and Austria. We fly out of Altenrhein airport, about 12 miles to the north on Lake Constance, Switzerland. The southern leg follows the border along the Rhine river, and the return leg turns on four peaks in the Alps.
    There don’t seem to be any structures along this border (why would there be, as it is so inaccessible), but at the end of the flight you will be able to proudly assert that you are one of the brave few that have flown the Liechtenstein Border!
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  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg  Luxembourg
  • location_cityLuxembourg
  • flight_takeoffELLX Luxembourg to ELLX Luxembourg
  • directions38 nm
  • Fly up the Alzette River Valley to the north of Luxembourg. Visit the Goodyear tyre testing facility and land at a grass airstrip if you are game? At the border with Belgium you'll see a large car recharging station which is presumably powered by the windmills adjacent? Finally fly back across the centre of town where medieval fortresses sit protected by natural moats.
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  • Skopje local
  • Macedonia  Macedonia
  • location_citySkopje
  • flight_takeoffLWSK Skopje to LWSK Skopje
  • directions27 nm
  • Skopje, capital of Macedonia is situated in a broad and pleasant valley. Fly over the city and if you are game, attempt a landing at the grass strip to the NW at WP 5, which you will fly over as you turn right from WP 4. For an entertaining look at their most famous citizen watch the movie "Alexander", directed by Oliver Stone.
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  • Circumnavigation
  • Malta  Malta
  • location_cityValletta
  • flight_takeoffLMML Luqa to LMML Luqa
  • directions54 nm
  • Fly all the way around the islands of Malta, located in a strategically vital location in the centre of the Meditteranean. Noticably barren, Malta often has to import fresh water.
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  • Podgorica Valley Run
  • Montenegro  Montenegro
  • location_cityPodgorica
  • flight_takeoffLYPG Podgorica to LYPG Podgorica
  • directions57 nm
  • Take off from the capital of Montenegro and explore the mountains to the NE.
    -/o\- CLASSIFIED: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: You will enter Albanian airspace at WP 4. Fly at low altitude down the valley to WP 7 and take as many photos as possible, particularly looking for air defence facilities. If you are intercepted by the Albanian air force, just pretend you got lost! -/o\-
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  • The Effect of Greenhouses
  • Netherlands  Netherlands
  • location_cityLelystad
  • flight_takeoffEHLE Lelystad to EHLE Lelystad
  • directions68 nm
  • The area around Lelystad is a testament to human ingenuity and labour, being 3 metres below sea level.
    Visit two enormous complexes where the controlled environment allows year-round production of flowering plants and vegetables: WP 2 - De Tuindershoek is a large complex of greenhouses run entirely by robots. Apparently. WP 3 - Grimme Groencentrum in Luttelgeest is a nursery covering more than 2 hectares.
    There are also hundreds of wind turbines between WP 5, 6 and 7.
    At WP 7, Houtribsluizen is a lock at the start of a 26km road on the Houtribdgk dam.
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  • Rivers Round Rotterdam
  • Netherlands  Netherlands
  • location_cityRotterdam
  • flight_takeoffEHRD Rotterdam to EHRD Rotterdam
  • directions73 nm
  • You are following the river / canal complex for the entire flight after WP 1, so I haven't cluttered up the waypoint descriptions by repeating that each time.
    WP 7 is a white suspension bridge, nicknamed 'The Swan'.
    The terrain here is very flat and the turnpoints are easy to spot so this flight works well at 500ft altitude. Fly at 1000 ft to see more features.
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  • Puppet on a String
  • Netherlands  Netherlands
  • location_cityAmsterdam
  • flight_takeoffEHAM Schiphol to EHAM Schiphol
  • directions52 nm
  • Fly around Amsterdam, taking in the North Sea canal.
    "The North Sea Canal is a Dutch ship canal from Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden, constructed between 1865 and 1876 to enable seafaring vessels to reach the port of Amsterdam." - Wikipedia
    The terrain here is very flat and the turnpoints are easy to spot so this flight works well at 500ft altitude.
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  • Bridge Hunting at Oslo
  • Norway  Norway
  • location_cityOslo
  • flight_takeoffENGM Gardermoen to ENGM Gardermoen
  • directions57 nm
  • Fly the 15nm south from Gardermoen in a simple flight plan which takes you around the capital, Oslo.
    These recon images were captured at 10:45 a.m. The sun is very close to the southern horizon at this latitude, but at least the glare is absent as we pass Oslo on the second and third legs of the flight.
    There is a plethora of bridges in this region, so you'll see that those at WP 1 and WP3 have several VERY close neighbours. Pick any bridge as your turn point.
    I added two waypoints to the plan flown in the RECON videos. However they lay on a straight line between WP 1 and WP 3 (Intility Stadium) and between WP 3 and WP 5 (Ullevall Stadium). So the earlier RECON videos are still valid references.
    With the Nordic sim updates to the default scenery you'll see a lot more churches and distinctive architecture than in those videos.
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  • Pining for the Fjords
  • Norway  Norway
  • location_cityStavanger
  • flight_takeoffENZV Sola to ENZV Sola
  • directions100 nm
  • This is quite a long flight at 100nm. In essence it's very simple, flying along two almost parallel fjords. NE for 20nm along the first and SW for 25 nm along the second.
    Note: Be aware that the water in these fjords is above sea level. At the city of Tao the land is about 500ft and the water beyond around 300ft.
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  • Seeking the Quarry
  • Norway  Norway
  • location_cityTrondheim
  • flight_takeoffENVA Vaernes to ENVA Vaernes
  • directions65 nm
  • Fans of the EF2000 sim family from the 1990's will remember the sound of the Trondheim radio operator. The terrain in that sim was advanced for it's time and now we get to see what this part of Norway really looks like.
    Turns out there are a lot of quarries!
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  • Lisbon on the River Tagus (Rio Tejo)
  • Portugal  Portugal
  • location_cityLisbon
  • flight_takeoffLPPT Lisbon Portela to LPPT Lisbon Portela
  • directions45 nm
  • Fly along the shores of the River Tagus on the eastern side of Lisbon.
    At WP 3, the shopping mall, you will see a number of flooded irrigated areas at a river mouth. The mall is just to the right.
    The final waypoint Forte de Monsanto, is a 19c fort (now a prison) and distinctive landmark 2.5nm SW of Lisbon Airport.
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  • Lisbon's Beaches
  • Portugal  Portugal
  • location_cityLisbon
  • flight_takeoffLPPT Lisbon Portela to LPPT Lisbon Portela
  • directions37 nm
  • Fly around Lisbon and along it's southern beaches.
    The flight plan is simplicity itself:
    1. WNW to the Airbase
    2. WSW to the coast
    3. Follow the coast E
    The final waypoint Forte de Monsanto, is a 19c fort (now a prison) and distinctive landmark 2.5nm SW of Lisbon Airport.
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