Europe Visual Vol.4 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • Gremlins in the Kremlin
  • Russia  Russia
  • location_cityMoscow
  • flight_takeoffSheremetyevo UUEE to Sheremetyevo UUEE
  • directions38 nm
  • Take a short run down the west side of Russia's capital, Moscow, and return over Red Square. The entire area is replete with architectural marvels and bears many re-flights. Note the RWY ALT is 612 feet, so a good default cruising altitude would be 1,600 ft.
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  • Moscow Ring Road
  • Russia  Russia
  • location_cityMoscow
  • flight_takeoffSheremetyevo UUEE to Sheremetyevo UUEE
  • directions64 nm
  • Fly clockwise along the magnificent ring road surrounding Moscow. Despite the number of waypoints, this flight can be flown visually in just 3 steps:
    1. Fly HDG 113 for 6 nm to pick up the ring road at WP 1
    2. Follow the highway
    3. At WP7 you will see the river junction to your right (the same as in 'Gremlins in the Kremlin'), turn HDG 342 for 5nm to the airport.
    As with all the 'follow the road' flights, most of the interesting sights will be to your left and right. In this case Moscow will be to your right, so feel free to break off and explore any points of interest, knowing you can always follow the ring road back to WP7 and the airport.
    The RWY ALT is 612 feet, so a good default cruising altitude would be 1,600 ft.
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  • Inside St. Petersburg
  • Russia  Russia
  • location_citySt. Petersburg
  • flight_takeoffPulkovo ULLI to Pulkovo ULLI
  • directions28 nm
  • St. Petersburg was formerly known as Petrograd and Leningrad. It is a strategic port in Russia's north-west and was famously besieged by the Wermacht in World War II from 8th Sept 1941 to 27th Jan 1944.
    Follow the elevated roadway north along Neva Bay to the Lakhta Center (87 story skyscraper). Beyond it is Lake Lakhta, fed by the Kamenka, Glukharka and Yuntolovka rivers.
    Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a Russian Orthodox church. Nearby landmarks include: Peter and Paul Fortress, Field of Mars and the Admiralty Building.
    Moskovsky Victory Park is opposite the large round EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.
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  • Borders within Borders
  • San Marino  San Marino
  • location_citySan Marino
  • flight_takeoffRimini to Rimini
  • directions27 nm
  • San Marino is a geographically small country located within the borders of Italy. The nearest airport is Rimini Military, on the east coast of Italy and about 5 nm from the San Marino Border.
    This flight incorporates the capital, which is 1 nm long atop a central ridge, and the S and W borders. Consider WP 4 optional. The Italians won't mind a minor transgression into their airspace, it happens all the time over San Marino.
    An alternate approach to seeing all of San Marino would be to fly to the capital at WP 2 and then clockwise around the ridge.
    NB: A slow aircraft is recommended (cruise speed 80-100 kts). Jet aircraft will find very difficult to stay within the borders.
    Between WP 6 and 7 you will see Tiro a Volo San Marino (Shooting Club) on the left.
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  • Novi Sad
  • Serbia  Serbia
  • location_cityNovi Sad
  • flight_takeoffBelgrade LYBE to Belgrade LYBE
  • directions93 nm
  • Follow the main road network to Serbia's second largest city, Novi Sad and return via the Danube River. The flight is in 3 simple legs:
    1 - HDG 300 for 23 nm
    2 - HDG 360 for 20 nm
    3 - Follow the Danube River SE back to Belgrade (WP 3 to WP7).
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  • Bratislava Border Patrol
  • Slovakia  Slovakia
  • location_cityBratislava
  • flight_takeoffM. R. Stefanik LZIB to M. R. Stefanik LZIB
  • directions66 nm
  • The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, sits in the south west corner of the country, on the Danube River and near the triple border with Austria and Hungary. At the Mosonsky Bridge the Austria / Hungary / Slovakia border is 1.5 nm to the SW.
    Take off HDG 270 for 7 nm and execute a climbing left turn over the tall hill NE of WP 1. That will set you up nicely for the trip down river.
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  • Ljubljana Local
  • Slovenia  Slovenia
  • location_cityLjubljana
  • flight_takeoffLjubljana LJLJ to Ljubljana LJLJ
  • directions33 nm
  • Explore the idyllic valley setting of Ljubljana, capital of Slovakia.
    Start at Kranj, 3 nm W of the airport. Proceed HDG 148 for 12 nm, following the river and the parallel main road. WP 3 is a prominent landmark, a medieval hilltop fortress Ljubljanski Grad with a commanding view of Ljubljana.
    Orbit over Ljubljana until you run out of film, then head up the western valley to Duplica, where you can stock up on film at the enormous shopping mall!
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  • Ljubljana Highs and Lows
  • Slovenia  Slovenia
  • location_cityLjubljana
  • flight_takeoffLjubljana LJLJ to Ljubljana LJLJ
  • directions83 nm
  • Take a cross country jaunt past the two highest peaks in the region and return along two charming and broad valleys.
    The flight can be broken into two stages:
    WP 1 - WP 4: Climb to about 8,500 feet and fly E
    WP 5 - WP 8: Follow the main road W along the valley floors.
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  • Madrid West
  • Spain  Spain
  • location_cityMadrid
  • flight_takeoffBarajas LEMD to Barajas LEMD
  • directions34 nm
  • Fly over just a few of the architectural wonders from the ages in Madrid. Fly north for 5 nm to the Circuito del Jarama then fly HDG 210, take a deep breath, rig for slow flight and enjoy the many wonders of Madrid. There is just too much to see in one circuit so in this flight I've focussed on the east of the city.
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  • Barcelona by the Balearic
  • Spain  Spain
  • location_cityBarcelona
  • flight_takeoffEl Prat LEBL to El Prat LEBL
  • directions32 nm
  • Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has a gorgeous coast on the Balearic Sea. The city is rich in old and new architecture and was host to the 1992 Olympics.
    As far as viewing Gaudi's fantastic creations, photogrammetry renders the entire city as a cross between Gaudi and Salvador Dali!
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  • Cardiff Cross Country
  • United Kingdom  United Kingdom
  • location_cityCardiff
  • flight_takeoffCardiff EGFF to Cardiff EGFF
  • directions77 nm
  • Cardiff is the capital of Wales. The famed 'Mach Loop' of military training fame is about 100 nm north of Cardiff, but this flight has a similar feel about it. It can be regarded as having three legs:
    1. Take the valleys north of Cardiff to Llwyn-on Reservoir | WP1-4
    2. West to Swansea | WP 5-6
    3. Follow the coast back to Cardiff | WP 7
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  • Highland Fling
  • United Kingdom  United Kingdom
  • location_cityEdinburgh
  • flight_takeoffEdinburgh EGPH to Edinburgh EGPH
  • directions49 nm
  • Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Let's fly past Edinburgh Castle, north across Firth Forth and into the Scottish Highlands.
    WP 1 and 2 are the highest points in Edinburgh itself.
    At WP 2, Crow Hill, the Scottish Parliament Building and the Royal residence Holyrood Palace are at the base of the hill to the NW. Edinburgh Castle is on a hill 1.2 nm HDG 290.
    WP 3, Inchkeith Island will set you up nicely for WP 4 - Kircaldy Harbour
    WP 5 is the highest hill in the area north of Firth Forth, and sets you up for a lazy left turn over Loch Leven at WP 6.
    The Forth Bridge is the most prominent landmark in the area, 2 nm N of Edinburgh airport. There are actually three bridges at that location, Queensferry Crossing, Forth Road Bridge and Forth Bridge and as of January 2022, you can fly under all of them with no collision. If you are careful!
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  • From the Coliseum to St. Peter's Basilica
  • Vatican City  Vatican City
  • location_cityRome
  • flight_takeoffUrbe LIRU to Urbe LIRU
  • directions11 nm
  • Vatican City is a small city/state within the borders of Italy, and seat of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
    In this shortest of flights we take in two structures which neatly bookend the transformation from the old world to the new.
    Note that Vatican city is only about 3,500 by 2,800 feet, so a slow aircraft or helicopter is advisable.
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