Middle East 2 in MiGMan’s World Tour

  • Beirut, Paris of the Mediterranean
  • Lebanon  Lebanon
  • location_cityBeirut
  • flight_takeoffOLBA Beirut to OLBA Beirut
  • directions15, 74 nm
  • Fly out of Beirut, capital of Lebanon and explore the spectacular terrain towards the Syrian border.
    At WP 4 turn right (west), fly over the valley wall and then along any of the many many valleys which lead back to the coast.
    Entire route: 74 nm | Shorter return flight: WP 1 and 2 = 15 nm
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  • The Cedars of God
  • Lebanon  Lebanon
  • location_cityTripoli (Lebanon)
  • flight_takeoffOLKA Rene Mouawad to OLKA Rene Mouawad
  • directions26, 42, 71 nm
  • Tripoli is the second largest town in Lebanon and the centre of a province in the NW near the border with Syria. Skirt the mountainous slopes as you fly south, visit the dramatic Kadisha Valley at the Cedars of God and return past Tripoli, along the splendid coastline to Rene Mouawad Airbase.
    Return trip to: Tripoli at WP 5, 26 nm | Cedars of God at WP 3, 42 nm | Entire route: 71 nm
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  • Dibs on the Strait of Hormuz
  • Oman  Oman
  • location_cityAl Khasab
  • flight_takeoffOOKB Khasab Airbase to OOKB Khasab Airbase
  • directions31, 99 nm
  • Khasab Airbase overlooks the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, joining the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The airport is in a small valley with mountains on three sides.
    31 nm: WP 2 and 7 | 99 nm: Entire route
    NOTAM: WP 1: Dib Dibba, 2891 ft, is at the northernmost point of the island group overlooking the Strait of Hormuz.
    WP 2: Follow the coast south from Khasab Airport, 1725 ft (not Khasab Airbase).
    WP 3: The city of Dibba is divided into three parts: Dibba Al-Fujairah (UAE), Dibba Al-Hisn (UAE) and Dibba Al-Baya (Oman). Fly along the Oman / UAE border
    WP 4-6: Return along the Oman / UAE border, which bisects the peninsula north to south.
    WP 7 - Enter the valley and return to Khasab Airbase.
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  • Muscat Maverick
  • Oman  Oman
  • location_cityMuscat
  • flight_takeoffOOMS Seeb to OOMS Seeb
  • directions21, 119 nm
  • Explore the dramatic terrain south of Muscat at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. If you're flying a sedate mission, enjoy the spectacular scenery and use your cell phone to take lots of snaps. If you want more high-octane excitement fly a 'Top Gun: Maverick' style low level profile flight. Turn on 'G effects' for maximum drama! The flight works well either way. If you fail, do not pass go. Rather, go to the prison at WP 7.
    21 nm: WP 1 and 7 | 119 nm: Entire route
    NOTAM: WP 2-3: Keep the ridge on your left and the smaller hills on your right. | WP 4 - Enter the valley and follow the road. | WP 5 - If you have enough 'smash', perform a max G pullup and go inverted over the ridge. If you're flying more sedately, use the large valley to perform climbing turns. | WP 7 - Check your fuel state and if necessary divert straight to the airport.
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  • Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia
  • location_cityMecca
  • flight_takeoffOE49 Mecca East to OE49 Mecca East
  • directions20, 37 nm
  • Follow the 4th Ring Road around Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
    In the centre of Mecca and visible from all directions is the Masjid al-Haram, also known as the Great Mosque of Mecca. Adjacent to the mosque is the Makkah Clock Tower, topped by a gold crescent.
    20 nm: Fly to the Great Mosque and retyrn | 37 nm: Entire route
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  • Aleppo, the Turkish Border and Maydanki Dam
  • Syria  Syria
  • location_cityAleppo
  • flight_takeoffOSAP Aleppo to OSAP Aleppo
  • directions12, 62,117 nm
  • Fly out of Syria's second largest city, Aleppo, follow the Turkish border to the west and return via Maydanki Dam.
    12 nm: Fly 6 nm NE to across Aleppo | 62 nm: WP 6, Maydanki Dam | 117 nm: Entire route
    NOTAM: At WP 2 and 3 the outpost are on the Turkish side of the border. At WP 4 you will see Karasu Dam 2.5 nm N and on the Turkish side of the border.
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  • Latakia, Principal Port of Syria
  • Syria  Syria
  • location_cityHama
  • flight_takeoffOS58 Hama to OS58 Hama
  • directions6, 22, 42, 86, 148 nm
  • Latakia is the principal port city of Syria. Fly east out of Hamah to the Mediterranean coast, up to Latakia and return by way of four dams.
    6 nm: NE for 3 miles to cross tha city of Hama | 22 nm: WP 7 - Mahardah Dam and return | 42 nm: WP 7 and WP 6 and return | 86 nm: WP 1, Tartus Port and return | 148 nm Entire route
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  • Tishrin Dam
  • Syria  Syria
  • location_cityTishrin Dam
  • flight_takeoffOS62 Jirah to OS62 Jirah
  • directions24, 46, 106 nm
  • Fly out of Jirah Military Airbase at Lake Assad, up the Euphrates River past Tishrin Dam and return following the main roads.
    NOTAM: Follow the river to WP 3 and then main roads from WP 3 to the end of the flight.
    46 nm: WP 2, Tishrin dam and return | 24 nm: WP 7 Rasm al-Abed Airport OS66 and return | 106 nm: Entire route
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  • Izmir on the Agean
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityIzmir
  • flight_takeoffLTBJ Adnan Menderes to LTBJ Adnan Menderes
  • directions19, 40, 56, 60, 62, 121 nm
  • Izmir is the second largest city on the Agean Sea, after Athens and the third largest population centre in Turkey.
    Explore the broad valley to the east, and the resorts and shoreline to the north and west.
    The second half of the flight is a coastal run which takes you over the colourful alluvial flood plains to the NE of Izmir.
    Take off from Adnan Menderes Airport, fly past Sirinyer Racecourse and Kulturpark Izmir to Izmir Docks at WP 1. Then fly east to the major centre of Turgutlu and NW past Manisa to Guselhisar Dam.
    Return distances:
    19 nm: Izmir
    40 nm: Manisa at WP 3
    56 nm: Turgutlu at WP 2
    60 nm: Guzelhisar Dam at WP 4
    62 nm: Coastal route to Foca and the alluvial flood plains
    121 nm: Entire route
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  • Istanbul, Back to the Bosphorus.
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityIstanbul
  • flight_takeoffLTBA Ataturk to LTBA Ataturk
  • directions16, 42, 44, 104 nm
  • Your first waypoint is the Hagia Sophia which was built in 537 A.D. by the Roman emperor Justinian I.
    Fly along the mighty Bosphorus River from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea in the north. Pass the three main bridges on the Bosphorus river: Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.
    Explore the Black Sea coast to Sile, fly south past the Darlik Dam and to the Osmangazi Bridge on the Gulf of İzmit.
    Fly past Gebze, Darica, Tuzla, Pendik and Kartal as you return along the coast of the Sea of Marmara, back to the Bosphorus River.
    16 nm: WP 1 - Mouth of the Bosphorus / Mosque: Hagia Sophia
    42 nm: WP1,2,3 and return
    44 nm: Along the coast of the Gulf of Izmit to WP 6 and return
    104 nm: Entire route
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  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityGallipoli
  • flight_takeoffLTBH Canakkale to LTBH Canakkale
  • directions7, 14, 40, 81 nm
  • Fly the length of the strategically important Dardanelles Strait which connects the Agean Sea to the Sea of Marmara.
    During World War I, on April 25th 1915 the Australia New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) landed south of Suvla bay as part of an offensive to open the Dardenelles Straits to Allied warships. The campaign lasted 11 months, ended in stalemate, and the forces were withdrawn in January 1916. The ANZAC Corp were assisted by British, Indian, Irish, French, and Newfoundland troops. The Gallipoli Campaign is commemorated annually in Australia and New Zealand and is the most significant day on their calendar remembering military casualties.
    Helles - British landings on April 25th, 1915. Anzac Cove - Beach where ANZAC forces landed. Suvla Bay - Site where the British IX Corps landed on August 6th 1915.
    Round trip distances:
    7 nm: Cannakale and Canakkale Port Services Command, 1nm before WP 7
    14 nm: WP 2 - Gallipoli Battlefield
    40 nm: WP 6 - Town of Geliboli
    81 nm: Entire route
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  • Ankara Local
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityAnkara
  • flight_takeoffLTAC Esenboga to LTAC Esenboga
  • directions25, 36, 62 nm
  • Take in the sights of Turkey's capital Ankara via three local lakes.
    21 nm: WP 4, Esertepe Vadis Park and return
    25 nm: WP 1 , Bayindir Dami and return
    36 nm: WP 2 , Susuz Golu and return
    62 nm: Entire route
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  • Hatay Province North
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityHatay
  • flight_takeoffLTDA Hatay to LTDA Hatay
  • directions29, 103 nm
  • Hatay Province lays between the eastern end of the Mediterranean and the border with Syria. Take off from Haty ap LTDA near the town of Aktas. Have a trip along the Med shore, over the mountain range and return along the Turkey / Syria border.
    29 nm: Fly to the coast at WP 1 and return | 103 nm: Entire route
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  • Antioch and Hatay Province South
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityHatay
  • flight_takeoffLTDA Hatay to LTDA Hatay
  • directions25, 107 nm
  • The ancient Greek city of Antioch (Antakya) is in Hatay province, near the Syrian border and on the east end of the Mediterranean.
    Fly south through Antioch and return along the Med shore to the west. The compound at WP 3 is only about 100 yds from the border.
    25 nm: Fly to Antioch at WP 1 and return | 107 nm: Entire route
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  • Mount Ararat and the Turkey - Armenia - Iran Border
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • location_cityIgdir Province
  • flight_takeoffLTCT Igdir to LTCT Igdir
  • directions38, 50, 75, 114 nm
  • Igdir Province is adjacent to NE Turkey and borders Armenia, Azerbaijab and Iran. Igdir Airport is adjacent to the town of Kulluk
    Fly out of Igdir, patrol the border with Armenia between WP 1 and 2. Between WP 2 and 3 fly along the border with Iran. Then return via the biblical location of Noah's Ark, Mount Ararat.
    NOTAM: WP 2, Aralık is located in a bulge on the Turkey - Armenia - Iran border. Mount Ararat is 16853 ft (5,137 m) tall, so take an oxygen supply and use anti-icing measures.
    38 nm: Lake Balik at WP 4 and return
    50 nm: Mount Ararat at WP 3 and return
    75 nm: Border patrol WP1,2,3 and return
    114 nm: Entire route
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