MiGMan’s World Tour

Lucerne Switzerland | Frankenstein and the Valkyries mission

A review by Bruce Irving
I've been exploring many cool areas in Africa and Europe with the help of a new series of flight plans for Microsoft Flight Simulator: MiGMan's World Tour. They include a large number of locations with illustrated guides to help you decide where to fly next. The flights are fairly short (depending on the aircraft you choose) with an emphasis on the scenic and the unusual in the huge, detailed world of MSFS.
This video is a series of screen captures from two flights around Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, from MIGMAN'S FLIGHT SIM MUSEUM - EUROPE VISUAL VOL.4.
I first flew the plan in the "wrong" order with 'Live Weather' at fairly high altitude - lots of snow and frozen lakes.
Then I flew it again in the published way point order, at low level, with 'cloudy horizon' weather in late fall. I was using Bijan's Four Seasons addon as well as addons for powerlines and lifts (ski lifts and cable cars are everywhere in Switzerland). You can see those (and avoid them) flying down low.
Switzerland is beautiful and these flights show that well. But there are hundreds of less famously beautiful places all around Europe and Africa, and this series has surprised me many times with unexpected wonders.