Mosquito Squadron Mosquito Squadron
Exhibit - Mosquito Squadron
Host sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2
Release Date - 2002
Developer - Blue Arrow
Publisher - Just Flight
Collection - Yes, Retail box
Comments - An excellent Mosquito with good virtual cockpit and panels, 21 decent missions and lots of extra terrain added to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 The bottom line

Mosquito Squadron: Box contents
Mosquito Squadron: Box contents - Box art

CFS 2 loading screen
CFS 2 Splash screen


BA Methwold scenery compairson
BA Methwold scenery comparison

Mosquito Squadron - BA Methwold in Flight Sim 2002 Mosquito Squadron campaign mission Snap views
Mosquito FB Mk.VI

Baedecker Raid
Chemical Plant
Amiens Prison Break

Mosquito Squadron - campaign mission - Amiens Mission Break - Operation Jericho
These screens were taken using a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500with full screen Quincunx anti-aliasing enabled.