Making a mark in the Marshalls
Date 1st Jan 1942
Overview SBDs are going to attack Japanese bombers on the ground at Maloelap atoll in the Marshalls. Escort them and join in the fun as the situation and your responsibilities permit.
Background The Japanese have been enjoying all the advantages in the opening rounds. Here's a chance for us to hit their planes on the ground.
Player a/c Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat
Airfield Enterprise CV-6
Intel We anticipate some aerial opposition but aircraft types and numbers are not yet known.

According to the recon photo you might as well regard everything on this atoll as a target!
MiGMan's Combat Diary Well everything on this atoll may have been a target - but as a corollary of that, everything on this atoll was regarding me as a target!

Some kind of ship was throwing up tracers but the action was so furious I couldn't make out what it was. I paused the sim and panned around I could see it was in fact... a submarine!
Gun camera footage 1942, Jan 1st - Marshall Islands 1942, Jan 1st - Marshall Islands 1942, Jan 1st - Marshall Islands
These screenshots were created with a Hercules 3D Prophet III Titanium 500.

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