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MiGMan's Combat diary: Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 (2002)

Next it was into the campaign... I picked a likely squadon name...

... and allocated my 10 attribute points. I favoured G tolerance as I loathe blacking out in a dogfight. It always happens just before a great guns kill... or just before I run out of ammo! No fear of that this time as I selected "unlimited ammo" in the options menu.... (hey it's a game!)...

"MY AIRCRAFT" informed me that personal aircraft are only available to pilots who earn personal prestige points. Sounds like a good incentive to try and get through the missions successfully.

Squadron - Aircraft showed that the squadron standard a/c is the Typhoon IB , and they also flew the Spitfire IXC. The Roster shows about 40 pilots... and some of these guys are real aces with the top scorer Flying Officer Walter Pembroke having 22 kills chalked up!

Simply moving the mouse cursor over the map causes pop-up windows to display showing force disposition and strength... hey there's my squadron !

hey there

Clicking on map sectors along the front line (shown in RED) changed the list of available missions in the drop down menu. I chose a "destroy ships at.... " mission for my first sortie, reasoning that I'd brave the FLAK and AAA on the mainland when I was comfortable with the aircraft. Besides... ship strikes are generally fun.-