Microsoft Combat Flight Sim

" The Hurricane was Britain's first truly modern fighter since the first World War, but its fabric covered fuselage was a step back instead of forward. It flew a year earlier than its more glamorous Battle of Britain stablemate, the Spitfire. The Hurricane entered service earlier, was in greater supply during the Battle, and shot down far more German aircraft. Easy to fly, solid, and forgiving, it was a stable (and well armed) gun platform, giving inexperienced pilots the confidence to go into battle. "



MiGMan's Combat Diary

Gauges - actual size

The regular cockpit gauges are large and clear, and the virtual cockpit has working gauges.

Some regarded the fabric covered fuselage as an asset as it was less likely to fall apart after a few hits. Also, unlike in the Spitfire, the pilot wasn't sitting directly above the gas tank.