Extra EA-300

Extra 300S

If airplanes were horses, the Extra 300S would be a champion thoroughbred. It is, in fact, designed to be a champion in Unlimited class aerobatic competitions. The 300S combines light weight, a 300-horsepower engine, and exquisite control harmony in an aircraft that has won several World Aerobatic Championships. A derivative of the two-place model 300, the wing of the single-place 300S was lowered eight inches to provide better ground visibility and improve the general appearance of the aircraft. After this anxiously awaited model was introduced in March 1992, three of the four existing production aircraft were flown in the World Championship that July.
The Extra 300S has an incredible roll-rate: 400 degrees per second. Just as impressive is how precisely maneuvers can be executed in the hands of an expert pilot like Patty Wagstaff. Attend one of her airshows, and you'll see a 300S carve paths through the sky like it's on a rail. Most aircraft require the pilot to drive downhill a bit to gather enough inertia for a loop. With the Extra 300S, just pull the stick back in level flight at high cruise power, and it leaps through the vertical, headed for the opposite horizon. This airplane is at home in a roll, loop, tail slide, hammerhead, Cuban Eight, or any other extreme attitude you want to put it into.
Descriptions from - www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimulator/aircraft.asp |  >> 2009 update - web page is gone <<
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