Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 | Testing the scenery caching, October 21st 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Testing the scenery caching, October 21st 2020.

In my first caching experiment I cached the Williamtown RAAF base near Newcastle. That only used 45mb of space, so this time I set my sights higher. Or broader.

Setting off to select all the beaches from Sydney to Newcastle proved to be fiddly and time consuming. After an hour I reset the scan and decided to map a triangular area surrounding the base and the local water features.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Using google maps as a guide I cached this area. It took about an hour to SELECT the area in high res - next time I'll focus on much smaller areas.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
As I intended to fly low and fast in the newly released Macchi jet, I cached the entire area in high resolution.

I'd like to know how the sim handles overlapping scenery stored in different caches. I presume it relies on a master table.

Ten minutes after I had pressed "Finish & Download" there was still no estimate on how long the download would take. Patience. Good - things - take - - - time... or something like that.

After 50 mins there was still no estimated download time. On opening Windows task manager FS 2020 was showing only 0.1 Mbps download speed... so basically nothing was happening.

On selecting 'Pause' the sim displayed 'Updating the Manual Cache' and... the Task Manager showed 'FlightSimulator.exe Not Responding'. Disappointing. I killed the process, restarted the sim, selected Options > General > Data > Manual Cache > View and... after a short(ish) wait... 'Updating the Manual Cache' and... and ...

The sim hung again. OK, 1st world / new sim problems. No biggie!

Rebooted the sim. Same situation.

I joined the official forum and got the impression that the cache is better turned off for now. It is still a brilliant idea, and one that I bought 12tb of extra storage for in my new PC.

For now, I manually renamed my manual cache folders, restarted the sim and it acted as if there had never been a manual cache. Good.