Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Sim Update 8 Release Notes

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If you are playing on PC, some packages in your community folder may not have been updated and, as a result, may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior. Please move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title if you suffer from stability issues or long loading times.
New marketplace interface, including a map displaying available airports with improved discoverability and a better navigation experience
New Private Match game mode to Reno air Races is available via the Content manager and allow customization of aircraft performance, number of laps, in-race assists and time of day)
New optional propeller simulation system with hundreds of moving surfaces covering the propeller realistically simulated has been implemented on 3 planes Cessna 152, Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX and Beechcraft King Air 350i now use the new propeller simulation system. This improves propeller effects such as p-factor as well as feathering, prop drag, etc…
A new Spotlight Event landing challenge is available for you to fly, featuring the Cessna Citation CJ4 landing at Reno Stead airport

General Bug Fixes

Fixed a crash on Xbox when connecting a yoke
Fixed a crash when signing out of the Xbox live account while loading a flight
Fixed a crash in the world map
Fixed a crash when using a filter combination in the marketplace
Fixed a rare crash for waypoints that could not be found
Fixed a performance drop when the Default audio device was used
Fixed missing textures for the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and the Cessna Citation Longitude on Xbox only
Fixed planes with new prop system crawling backwards with brakes and full throttle
Minor bug fix and text updates in Marketplace
The default binding for rudders with VR controllers has been changed to avoid input interferences with other devices such as HOTAS and prevent control freeze when hovering cockpit panels, menus and glass cockpits
Fixed position / location of in-flight menus reset themselves when returning to Cockpit view from External view in VR
Fixed animation of Prop Beta on Prop with ID value under 1
Higher stall speed have been tweaked for the Pilatus PC6
Fixed cloud save operations for FLT files


If you are using a VR headset, please make sure that the V-sync option is not set lower than 60FPS to avoid negative performance impacts.
SDK/Dev mode
Removed useless console messages about files being modified in the PackagesMetadata folder
Ctrl+click now behaves as expected in the Scenery Editor
Packages should not fail to build anymore if Marketplace data is not specified
The camera is not reset to top-down view anymore when adding new objects in the Scenery Editor
Fixed “leftLighted” and “centerLighted” parsing for taxipaths in scenery editor
Creator preview now gets back one level if needed when DevMode project changes


Several crashes have been fixed across the title
Ongoing performance optimization work
Lower GPU consumption when installing packages while the sim is booting
Lower GPU consumption when the main window is minimized
Fixed framerate drops on DirectX 11 when the player have multiple external windows


VOR-DME and DME are now differentiated on the world map
Tacan channels are now shown on the world map


Improved Multi-Metar visiblity ingestion
Fix issues where Live Weather could take up to 5 minutes to download
A newly created preset on the worldmap now properly load in-game when clicking Ready To Fly
Fixed an issue where gusts could actually decrease wind intensity
Improved thickness of clouds on overcast
Fixed QNH altimeter in live weather
Fixed an issue that prevented live weather from being available at 00h00 Zulu


Several bug fixes and improvements on cockpit and panels interactions with VR controllers
Multiple throttles are controlled simultaneously with VR controllers
The yoke is not frozen anymore when a panel is hovered
Input from other peripherals are recognized while an in-flight menu is open
The toolbar is easier to reach with VR controllers
VR controllers are not detected as new device every game session
Default pilot camera position updated in several planes
Volumetric Lighting effects are fixed
HUD is not in the middle of the field of view anymore in Reno air races
Various fixes in the game flow in Reno air races


On PC, main device output and communication device output can now be managed from the options menu


Added Convert from Stereo to Mono Option on Xbox


Fixed some issues related to assistances that prevented unlocking some achievements (including My Way)
Weather and flight plan save data are now part of the cloud save
Always save user data when closing the game on PC, including closing the window or using Alt+F4 (local profile, logbook and data usage)
Fixed the improper failure in the Takeoff tutorial
Fixed the aircraft jolting on the runway of the First Solo Navigation tutorial


Fixed weather radar not updating in flight
Better ground ice formula for ice shelves on water
Added ground ice debug display in wheel debug screen
Baro Minimums are now settable through a KEY
Radio Minimums are now settable through a KEY
When selecting half bank mode on the autopilot, a green arc displays the max bank on the attitude indicator
Corrected an issue preventing the animation of Joysticks in default planes
Corrected an issue that would cause Reference Altitude Increment/Decrement commands sent by peripherals to bypass the plane-specific logic. On the Airbus A320neo this means that the plane will not immediately climb/descend to the new reference altitude
Made the ON & OFF Keys of the Nav & Taxi lights callable from Reverse Polish code
Fix scrolling mismatch between pitch scale and horizon on all Airliners’ PFD
Fix all airliners Flight Path Vector behavior
Display backup on G1000 is now functional
Fix “Don’t Sink” aural warning on GPWS equipped aircraft triggered after a touch and go
Add a Reset Tag in the panel.xml parsing
Fixed G1000 approach selection list not opening when one of the approaches available have no runway number in its name
Duplicate waypoints list is now sorted by distance on G3000
Fix G3X procedures popup not closed when Flight Plan window is closed
Active pause now effectively stopping heading indicator
New FLT parameters “tailwheel_lock” and “nosewheel_lock” implementation
Master Caution/Warning are now handled with Simvars and keys and can be exposed in SimConnect
Afterburner FX wasn’t displayed on multiplayer aircraft
Afterburner can now be enabled when using a peripheral which send increment keys, by releasing that key at max and then pressing it again
Corrected an issue that would cause the Sonic Boom sound to trigger in unwanted situations
Fixed muted ai aircraft sounds in cockpit view by using legacy or WaveData pipeline -Corrected an issue which caused external camera angles to be missing from the camera menu
Corrected an issue that would cause the cockpit camera to go outside the plane when using custom cameras
Corrected an animation issue on the inner Altitude Knob of the AS1000
Adding cfg parameters to allow plane to reset the state of the autobrake on full stop for either RTO or Autobrakes landing
Fix AP annunciation that was not going away on G1000 PFD after manual disengagement
Corrected an issue that caused the airliners to switch to a new selected altitude directly when using keybinds rather than interacting with the knob
Reduce delay when inserting Waypoint into FlightPlan from instruments
New FLT section [Hydraulic Parameters.x.0] and parameter HydraulicPressure (value in psf) added
Transponder behavior fix AS21 instrument
Reverse thrust animation fixed for all affected aircraft
Corrected an issue which caused the camera to move incorrectly in the hangar
Fixed procedures page on G1000 & G3X that could not be interacted with when an approach had been selected and automatically switches to next item in the procedure page
Added HOLD HUD VIEW & TOGGLE HUD VIEW shortcuts to the controls list, allowing to quickly access the dedicated HUD views in relevant aircraft
Garmin GPS : Prevent airport icons from flickering
Fixed payload slider sometimes couldn’t validate the change
Fixed passengers sounds being heard in cockpit view
Fixed AP warning sounds playing in unwanted situations
Fixed missing cockpit interaction foley sounds
Live traffic AI planes should now take off when applicable
New “wing_engine_wash” parameter allows to scale the effect of engine wash on wings

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental / Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

The user can set the Minimums (Baro or Radio) and the audio cue “minimums” will be triggerred when reaching the corresponding altitude
Ground speed displays only when switching speed mode to MACH
Corrected Flaperon droping on takeoff
Track line on ND is now displayed in expanded view
Speedbrake lever behaviour correction
Fix RNAV approaches not displayed after a flight restart & fix autotune of ILS approach when selecting an airport as arrival without selecting any approach
BFMC NavRad minor label fix
Waypoints can be inserted into FlightPlan in LEGS page

Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner

AT/DISC button can now be interacted with
Various liveries issues fixed
Some holes in cockpit fixed
Improved wingflex on LOD5
Rain effect and icing on cabin windows improved
Various cockpit decals/holes/buttons issues fixed
“Airspeed Low” warning is now amber instead of red
Corrected an issue which caused the emissive of the Master Buttons for Cautions to be Detected as Warning and Warnings as Cautions
Add the Flight Path Vector
Activate the FPV push button
Add Vertical Speed indicator
Fix horizon line HUD visible too far left/right and up/down
Horizon line on PFD does no longer overlap with Altitude and Airspeed tapes
MFD L/R button behavior correction
Added a dedicated HUD view
Fixed HUD layout being off screen
Minor typo fix CDU Arrival page
Minor typo fix Navigation Display -FMA should properly display V/S mode when AP is off
Autopilot now uses current airspeed when switching to FL CH
Autopilot HDG HOLD no longer behaves like a toggle
SPD mode is now activable while AP is off
Corrected an issue which would cause the external power switch to display the wrong emissive values
PFD speedbug is no longer smooothed
PFD chronograph can now be reset
Fixed displaying V1, V2 and VR when spawning in air
Fixed autopilot engaging speed mode when engaging vertical speed mode
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental
Cabin windows icing improved
Some knobs animation issues fixed
Spoilers animations fixed
Fixed some issues on textures/decals
Airframe LODs 2 and 3 improved
Exterior lights on LOD5 added
SYS FAULT stays illuminated even if overhead lighting is set to off
Fixed various lights behavior
Fix ILS indicators on PFD to match the display of the Boeing 787-10
Corrected an issue that would cause some lights to light up the top of the aircraft when the landing gear was retracted

Airbus A320neo

Cockpit Camera collisions fixes
Various liveries issues fixed
Various minor art issues on the airframe and cockpit
Fixed Art issue on the lateral Captain panel
Disappearing landing light at distance fixed
Split the flaps-inhibit cfg parameters in an AND and an OR version, and set the aircraft to use the AND version as it should rather than the OR it is using currently
Add heading target bug on PFD
Fixed MCDU F-PLN page unable to select arrival procedure when Departure and Arrival Airports are the same
FMA goes back to initial status after aborted TakeOff
Active waypoint should be displayed in white on ND and MCU
Fixed combustion sound level in idle
Fixed Landing lights retraction
ND Weather brightness setting knob added
Update the low fuel annunciations to have realistic values
Heading/Track knob no longer de-sync when rotating quickly
Fixed panel backlight too bright

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Glass HUD draw order fix and color update
Some holes in cockpit fixed
Cockpit shadows improved
EWR instrument aliasing with distance fixed
Landing lights not bright enough fixed
Icing added
HUD now display autothrottle status
Heading selected in HSEL mode of autopilot is now updated when moving the switch
Trim reset behavior corrected
Fuelsystem rework to use all tanks
Multiple fixes: ATC approach mode behavior, aileron trim button, autoshutdown, exterior lights and AP disconnect

Pilatus PC6

Fixed G950 Compass
Fixed covered switches not moving when cover is closed
Fuel system valve fixed
Ski lever is no longer inverted
Attitude indicator bars separated
INOP markings to G950 autotrim and yawtrim added
G950 fuel quantity indicator fixed
Idle control lever set to High when flight starts on runway or airborne
Windshield heating added to defrost knob
Invisible gust lock removed from classic versions
Prop contact point added
Other changes to flight_model and minor bug fixes
Attempt to fix battery, generator and avionics power on when loading cold&dark
Classic: Fixed Avionics switch going back to ON all the time. Fixed Ignition switch on when loading cold&dark
Fixed front wheels clipping into ground on float version
Improved trim instrument with 3 gauges instead of a simple version
Fixed thermometer on the copilot slider
Fixed environment occluder on the 950
Fixed shadow propeller-Fixed camera collision
Additional minor art and texture fixes

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cockpit Camera collision fixes
Icing windows transition with distance improved
Transition between LOD 04 and 06 improved
Corrected an issue that caused the Vor2 Needle not to animate properly

Pitts S1S

Fixed various gauges issues

Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EX

Various liveries fixes
LOD transition in the cockpit improved
Airspeed Indicator fixes
Corrected the behavior of the Deice switches
Yaw damper behavior added

Beechcraft King Air 350i

Added Cabin light
Optimized LODs
Corrected an issue with the elevator trim animation
Correct direction of elevator trim tab

Cessna 152

Fixed interior lights setting
Aliasing issue in the cockpit fixed

Cessna 152 Aerobat

NAV 2 disconnected (INOP)
Outline on cockpit decals fixed
Decals moving with the ailerons fixed
Icing windows transition with distance improved
Light disapear with distance fixed
Correction icing for the right window

Icon A5

Placards & airframe model fixes
Livery issues fixed
Cockpit Camera collision fixes
Water Effect added

Cessna Citation CJ4

Airframe texture fixes
Optimized LODs
Fixed pulse lights behavior

Daher TBM 930

Cockpit camera collisions improved
Registration number issues on some liveries fixed
Corrected issue which affected the usability of the flaps lever in VR

CubCrafters XCub

Cockpit camera collision fixes
Fix baro knob on attitude backup display

Diamond DA62

LOD transition of backseats improved
Gravity Gear Extension handle added
Alternate Air handle added
Steady white navigation lights added
Added navigation lights and updated strobe lights
Fixed avionics switch not shutting off screens

Beechcraft Bonanza G36

Landing light disappearing in the distance fixed
Registration number missing fixed


Fixed windmills red lights intensity
Fixed sun light glowing above horizon at midnight
Fixed hangar flickering in some occasions
Fixed trees wind animation


Various minor UI fixes
Better handling of non unicode gamertag in Reno and free flight. Previously, the gamertag was usually left blank in multiplayer


A new Tobii setting menu has been added
Fixed unable to save custom sensitivity settings for axes of Thrustmaster HOTAS One on Xbox
Fixed second hatswtich name for the Velocity one yokes
Fixed the Quickview assignments for the Honeycomb Alpha yoke default profile



The size-on-screen computation for LOD selection has been made more accurate for close-up models. In practice, this means higher-resolution LODs will be switched to sooner, and LOD0 will always be displayed when the camera is inside the bounding sphere of the model
For glTF model texture lookups, only use the filename part of the image URI instead of the full relative path. This makes it so exporters can conform to the glTF specification without breaking texture lookups and vice-versa
Added new column ““Total Vertex Count”” which shows the sum of Static Vertex count and Skinned Vertex count in the Stat profiler. The Vertex/Max Vertex ratio column now uses this total vertex to compute the ratio
Added a new Hiding option in the Hiding menu, to hide objects with no active occurrence in Stat profiler
Fixed crash when opening a project that contains non-built packages while their installed counterpart is currently used in game
Removed Xbox LOD selection mode as it currently behaves identical to the PC version

Visual Effects Editor

Added the Rename action to the File menu
Automatically selecting new nodes after duplicating or copy-pasting nodes in the graph
BETA mode removed for the Visual Effects Editor!
Cloning an effect no longer replaces non-default material GUIDs in Output blocks
Fixed crashes when triggering an FX through the Spawner while the user’s aircraft is still being loaded
Fixed the crash when deleting one of several Emitter blocks connected to a VisualEffect block when the effect is spawned
Fixed the issues on VFX that could happen after ablock has been unlinked, then linked again
Fixed the large & blurry FX name’s display in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window
Removed trailing dashes in node/block creation list
Selection highlight feedback no longer mismatches the node selection after certain manipulations
SimObjects listed in the Spawn tab of the Template Instances/Debugger window now show a name instead of a number
The unit drop down menu in the SimVar node now lists all units and their various names
Fixed: Node deletion no longer deletes links outside of the selection
Node GetGroundAttribute no longer has Position child properties

Scenery editor

Added a way to add projected mesh without airport
Added missing warning “Projected Mesh exported with scaling”, same as translation and rotation
Added support to Com frequency
Improved jetway display
Apron: UV manipulation with gizmo
Control towers now keep correct hierarchy level and name upon saving and loading a Scenery file
Fixed a crash when deleting several taxipoints
Fixed a freeze when selecting the sim object list
Fixed color artifacts on ground for greenish grey (compress with more precision in grey)
Fixed light heading in light rows. Various fix for light presets
Fixed light rows not working on airports without runways
Fixed polygon based objects (Painted lines/Area, Aprons, Light row) having incorrect altitude upon loading a Scenery file
Fixed rectangle apron not updating properly after rotating them and undo
Fixed snow and cast shadow flag not applied when lods are streamed
Fixed undo/redo in the color extractor
Fixed use of control point when using Bezier Curves in the Scenery Editor
Fixed User Lights display
Improved Vasi edition
Locked child of control tower for more consistency and coherence
Made a new terraforming system available in the DevMode menu
Made rotation of squared apron cumulative with rotation of its texture to avoid weird jumps of rotation when changing both rotation of the apron and rotation of the texture
More precise rotations for runways
Polygons: Added exclude feature points. Fixed landuses lights not excluded
Quicker edition for taxiways
The right click popup doesn’t open anymore if you have no object selected, to avoid conflict with camera mouse controls
Removed obsolete options (HOLD_SHORT_XXX, XXX_ORTHO, etc) from the Painted Hatched Area ‘Type’ property

Aircraft editor

Fixed Infinite loading when using Save&Resync in the Aircraft Editor
Fixed transparency of debug window of aicraft editor
Added “Drag” and “Ground Effect” entries in the Debug menu which give access to the corresponding debug windows

3DS max exporter

Restored babylon property windows in 3dsmax plugin
Added property to the Asobo_material_UV_options schema
Improved performance of MultiExporter opening, fixed UI that stay in fron of the screen
Added possibility to disable the motion blur on a specif object in the 3dsmax renderparam material section
Added ASOBO_material_disable_motion_blur in the gltf schemas
Fixed Scattering/MipFog not applied on Glass material
Updated gizmocollision GLTF schema

Material editor

Fixed purple textures when loading a MaterialLib asset group in the DevMode
Various improvements of the Material Editor UX

Project editor

Fixed crash airport wizard. Fixed airport created with null altitude
Main & Secondary Thumbnail in Marketplace are now facultatives
Removed Name attribute from AssetPackage tags in Package Definition XMLs written by the Project Editor


Enabled AILERON and ELEVATOR event throught simconnect

Simvar watcher

Updated the simvar watcher to add the following features :
Add a search bar for Simvar names
Select default unit when a simvar is selected
Support string value request
Display only compatible units
Add Top Menu
Add a copy Value / Name / Unit when right click on a simvar request
Add Icon
Add Remove all option in contextual menu

Reno Air races

Pilot avatar legs can be seen outside the aircraft
Fixed crowd sounds not playing in some situations
Fixed missing Crew Leader localized VO
Various art fixes on the aircraft models
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