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I was in the press corp at this fun event.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X launch party, Sydney 2006.

FSX launch, Sydney, October 2006 FSX launch, Sydney, October 2006 FSX launch, Sydney, October 2006
Article - FSX launch, Sydney, October 2006
Comments - On an unusually grey Sydney afternoon in October 2006 MiGMan was a guest of Microsoft at the launch of their new flagship product - Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The creme-de-la-creme of Australia's gaming journalists gathered at Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, and embarked on a champagne flight over Sydney Harbour in a C-47, the military transport version of the Douglas DC-3.


VIDEO of a DC-3 flight over Sydney, 2006 VIDEO of a DC-3 flight over Sydney, 2006 - gallery
0610_003-100 DC-3 gallery
0610_034-100 The Flight sim fans turned up dressed most appropriately! Press there included Bennet Ring, ace games journalist from http://au.ign.com/
0610_022-100 On landing at Bankstown, Sydney's second major airport, we were treated to a hangar full of classic aircraft...
0610_014-100 F-86 Sabre Jet
0610_023-100 Bell helicopter - cockpit
0610_030-100 But the best was yet to come..... at the back of the hangar were two full motion cockpits. Yes, that is 360 degrees of motion with a roll rate of 360 degrees per second. I had some happy aerobatic time in there with Junglist, host of ABC Television's "Good Game".