Cartoon-Free Zone

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

MiGMan: Are you still using any of the cartoon style menus as in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2?

Scott Lee: No we're not doing cartoons this time - more realistic graphics and the ingame graphics as you saw.

MiGMan: Why did you use the cartoons anyway?

Scott Lee: It was just that they wanted to try something different. The idea was that in the time period (1939 - 1945) comic books were popular and a lot of the guys who went to battle were 17 and 18 year olds and this was the type of popular culture they were familiar with.

MiGMan: Ah, it's interesting to hear the reason for it. Personally I found the interface style really annoying.

Scott Lee: Yeah that was the reason for it. They wanted to take the approach where.... this was a popular way of presenting things at that time and we wanted to represent that. Those cartoon animations, that was a popular style at the time.

Now in this version you see this guy... getting read to to go to battle...

MiGMan: So when you select different pilots the 'skins' change ...

Scott Lee: Yeah - the way that works is if I go into campaign, and choose a new campaign. Then I choose my nationality... let's base this pilot on a real life pilot... now that will change the look of and the attributes of your pilot. There's a point system for the attributes.

Let's say I choose a 'John Doe' and pick my age at 20 years it loads all that data into the engine.

Then we see the map...

Combat Flight Simulator 3 - map
Combat Flight Simulator 3 - map