My fabulous career

On September 18th 2002 MiGMan interviewed Scott Lee and checked out the beta.

MiGMan: What about choosing to fly one aircraft type?

Scott Lee: As you go through the different missions you have access to the (appropriate) squadron aircraft. In the beginning I don't have a personal aircraft. For me to obtain new aircraft I have to gain 'prestige points' through kills or whatever.

Once I gain enough points I can go in and buy whatever aircraft are available given the time frame. Obviously I couldn't buy a Luftwaffe aircraft while I'm flying with the RAF!

Then there's my squadron. This menu shows all the guys in my squadron and what aircraft are available to us.

MiGMan: So you'd have a reasonable amount of control over your career path?

Scott Lee: Yep - that's the beauty of the role playing part.

MiGMan: That aspect is something I think people will really like because the "canned campaign" approach which forces you to change aircraft a lot makes the flying really difficult in my experience.

Prestige points are in the right column.

Scott Lee: That's a great example of how over time a franchise like Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 can borrow from other genres in the gaming community like RPG's (Role Playing Games) and introduce some of those elements into it. Those are elements that I think everyone who is a simulator enthusiast wants.

You know "I wanna feel like a pilot!", and in this case "I wanna feel like a World War 2 pilot".

MiGMan: Also I think you want to feel that your actions have some consequence... and that if the guy dies... it's a bummer!

Scott Lee: Right.