November 10th 2002

Smooth frame rates?

The frame rates I was getting in this sim were good - it was the stuttering on changing views that was annoying. With a AMD Athlon XP2200+processor I thought I could max out the sim's graphics settings. Wrong.

The answer is to knock those sliders back to the left a bit - I have Aircraft detail still on 5 - that didn't seem to affect the frame rate anyway, effects on 1 for now (they still look good), and the scenery and clouds set back to 3.

I reckon that it will take a 4 GigaHerz processor with a 128 MB graphic cards to max this sim out.

With the most detailed modelling of low level terrain yet seen on a PC, the sim is trying to push a massive amount of data through the architecture.

Even on the settings I mentioned it looks better than Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and better than Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. Next week I'll put up shots of my first campaign in the Typhoon.