"Go Play In Space" by Bruce Irving - Introductory Tutorial manual for Orbiter.

Martin Schweiger's Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

International Space Station

Chino reported :

" I've spent more hours playing with Orbiter, mastering some basics like rendezvous and (not quite) docking.

Relative motion in 3D really forces you to think in vectors (or be a real natural at the astronaut thing, like the guys in "Space Cowboys" which I just rewatched - pretty insane plot but lots of fun).

I was able to de-orbit from a low, fast lunar orbit to land at "Brighton Beach" but could not manage to land near any of the pads - I just couldn't kill all my relative motion.

First person physics. I still like it! But then again, I was a physics major and used to fancy doing this stuff (orbital mechanics if not astronaut) as a job someday - then somehow I ended up in optics.

Orbiter Sound 3.0 is an essential add on and it turns Orbiter into (among other things) a cool MP3 player with great "animation." You can load up to 200 MP3's into a WinAmp play list and they will play in the sim. You even get a MFD to control them!

So I spent a good 90 minutes orbiting the earth for the views in the ISS (usually at 10-100x time warp) while listening to some classical theme music. So far I've been pretty literal - Strauss's Blue Danube - Holst's Planets - Mozart's Jupiter Symphony -- all seem suitable for space. I also have the Ravel Daphne and Chloe (suite), very nice moon mood music.

I took a couple of pictures out of the window. Note the unusual labeling on the Australia SE coast... "

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International Space Station over Chino...

International Space Station over Chino...

International Space Station over MiGMan...

International Space Station over MiGMan...

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