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Martin Schweigers Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Martin Schweigers Orbiter Space Flight Simulator

Apollo 14

Chino reported.

" Here are some Apollo 14 pics from a tutorial on recreating Apollo missions.

The craft is a few years old now but still cool (the look is still much the same - I downloaded a lot of the Apollo stuff but have not tried any yet, as I'm still trying to achieve the orbit I want and maneuver with thrusters).

The addon people for this thing are maniacs, and the Forum is the one of the most multinational I have ever seen -- 12 year old kids in India to retired USAF guys in Colorado to all sorts of people around Europe, some Australia, etc. - see


Orbiter: Apollo14 TDE: Dock

Apollo14 TDE: Dock

Orbiter: Apollo14 TDE: Extract

Apollo14 TDE: Extract

Orbiter: Apollo14 TDE: Separate

Apollo14 TDE: Separate