Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord was released in 1994 and was one of the very first flight sims to make use of the brand new S3 graphics chipset. This chipset enabled a doubling of the screen resolution from 300 x 200 pixels to an amazing 600 x 400 pixels. It was ... ... quite difficult ... .... to get running as I recall... many many hours of struggling with the graphics drivers.

I remember clearly seeing a looping demo of it running in the local games shop. A Spitfire approached a German radar post and attacked. I couldn't believe my eyes at the graphical detail.... trees... fences... dirt pathways!

I would stand there for hours watching this thing until I splurged the couple of hundred dollars to upgrade my graphics card. I had only bought my first PC 2 months before and it already needed upgrading... ... that's progress!


... an amazing 600 x 400 pixels screen resolution. You could actually see the little fences around Radar sites!

MiGMan thanks J T. Wenting for the scan.