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 Pearl Harbor | Curtis P-40B Warhawk

Curtis P-40B Warhawk

Pearl Harbor

Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

Curtis P-40B Warhawk

MiGMan's Combat Diary...

There seems to be no torque modelled. The aircraft should pull severely to one side as you rev the engine but this P-40 just sailed straight up the runway,

Torque aside, this is an exceptionally well presented aircraft model - possibly representing the upper limits of the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 graphics engine. It is unfortunate that the aircraft can't be imported into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

Curtis P-40B Warhawk Curtis P-40B Warhawk

From the manual:

" The first P40 prototype flew in October 1939 with a total number of 13,738 built.

The P-40 was out-classed by British and German fighters when it rolled out for production, however the P-40 was utilized in almost every allied air force and theatre during WW2.

Durable, and reasonably agile once learned techniques were applied, the P40 proved to be an aircraft that could hold its own well and served with great success as a tactical fighter-bomber."

Visual Model: Roger Dial
Flight Model: Steve Small

Curtis P-40B Warhawk Curtis P-40B Warhawk

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