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 Pearl Harbor | MiGMans Combat Diary

MiGMans Combat Diary

Pearl Harbor

Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

USN Mission 3

MISSION SUMMARY: Scramble at Wheeler Field! We have multiple reports of unidentified aircraft coming in and attacking American forces. Get aloft as quickly as you can to investigate.

MiGMan's Combat Diary

11 kills on this mission! Woo hoo ! That has to be a personal best!

Mind you - I did use over 8,000 rounds of ammunition (using unlimited ammo) and I only had a 4 % hit rate.

There is a lot of replayability in this mission - the air above Wheeler Field was swarming with targets. I really should have called it a day at 11 kills but I got greedy and inevitably was shot down.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

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