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 Pearl Harbor | MiGMans Combat Diary

MiGMans Combat Diary

Pearl Harbor

Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

USN Mission 4

MISSION SUMMARY: A Semi-historic recreation of the flight of SBDs returning to Hawaii from the Enterprise. In actuality, there was no fighter escort for the SBDS. In this mission, you and your wingman will be the escort for a handful of SBDs returning from what has, to this point, been a tense but uneventful resupply mission.

MiGMan's Combat Diary

It was a 90 mile flight to Pearl and an ideal opportunity to practise a bit of formation flying. The SBD's held a nice steady box formation at 1500 feet.

Oh yes and at Pearl - surprise surprise - there was a massive aerial attack under way. Another fun mission.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

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