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 Pearl Harbor | MiGMans Combat Diary

MiGMans Combat Diary

Pearl Harbor

Luftwaffe Collection
Pearl Harbor (2001)

USN Mission 5

MISSION SUMMARY: (This is a fictional mission, assumed to have taken place on December 6, 1941). PBY rescue north of Hawaii on December 6. Even though our two services haven't always seen eye to eye, the Navy has called us for a favour. One of the PBY's out of Kenohe has fallen out of radio contact north of the island. >They're asking us to send a flight to go find her and lead her in, based on her last reported position.

MiGMan's Combat Diary

On my first attempt I flew the 30 or so miles out to the rendezvous and spent some time jostling about for a photo opportunity with the Catalina. This was interrupted by a "Bandits in your sector" call.

Bandits they were, but over 2 miles away and apparently flying away so I elected to stay with the Catalina. To my dismay it flew lower and lower until with a rather late call of "bailing out" it dove into the briny sea.

Next time out I skipped to the first action point with the "X" key. This time the Catalina appeared ahead of us and headed to the next waypoint... and lo and behold the bandits took an interest in us.

After a frenzied dogfight during which I think I shot down 2... or 3 ... the Catalina bailed out again!

Feeling the least I could do was to deliver the bad news I person I landed at the next waypoint.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

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