Proflight, the Tornado sim by Hisoft for Atari St and Amiga (1990).

Stjepan Pejic remembers:

" I had it and played it on my monochrome monitor.

I liked the way that it had the correct stars at night, and you can navigate by them. Actually, playing during "daylight" was slower, so I always flew at night. I loved the low level turbulence - this sim had the best feeling of flight until Su-27 Flanker 2.0.

Flying under bridges was great fun - I liked that fancy suspension bridge just in front of the runway. I was able to barrel roll under the bridge and still line up for a touchdown in windy conditions.

The Tornado cockpit in Proflight

There can be a couple of planes gunning for you, but I think there was never more than one in visual range at a time. It was roughly MiG-23 shaped. They might shoot long range missiles at you which were evaded like SAMs (press the counter measure button - if the missile still makes it to you, jink at the last second). Close in they use missiles and guns.

Dogfighting was a slow affair compared to modern sims - they could just barely out turn you, but with proper control you can get them in your crosshairs eventually, or at least escape them. After you shoot a bunch of planes down in the early missions, there would be less and less. You might go on 2 or 3 long range flights in a row and not see a single one.

Has anyone killed all the targets in the game? There are like 30, and most of them are sooooo far from the airbase. It is like half an hour flight time to those, and you did not want to sit at the computer for all that time.

I was once 5 or 6 targets from doing so, but then the save games became corrupted.

Hmmm. Maybe I should boot the old Mega 2 up and try it again. I did pay $75 dollars for the sucker. "

Stjepan Pejic
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