Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum
Exhibit:Flightsim by Psion for the Sinclair Spectrum

Visitor's experiences with the sim

"Thanks for jogging my memory about the Psion flight sim.

I can remember playing that for hours using a very old and very big colour television to look at what was actually a black and white sim. This is probably what caused my bad eyesight!

I also remember a Spectrum game called "Night Gunner" (or something like that, could not find it in the old Speccie box in the attic). Night gunner had you in the tail gunner position of a Lancaster shooting little white pixels at extremely chunky and blockish ME-110's. Every 2 minutes things would get exciting because you could drop two horribly overscaled bombs on even chunkier tanks.

In a list of ghastly Sims this one would be a close runner for the first prize. For some weird reason the game was accompanied by one of those ridiculous code protection cards. This is where it all started, looking at three dials and flying at night on a crummy TV !!!"

Julian "Gremlin" Sallows

"Just for the record, the Psion Flight Simulator was also available for the Sinclair ZX81 with 16k RAM! I have the tape sitting in front of me - copyright 1982, advertising its 'outstanding graphic display'.

Certainly I remember it as being very wonderful at the time, run through a little b&w television. I seem to remember it took about 30 minutes to load off the tape, with a 60% failure rate."

Nick Daisley from Oxford, UK

"Psion Flight Simulator actually came out twice - once for the ZX81 in 1982 or 1983, which basically dumped you on final approach and that was that, and another version a year or two later (83/84) for the Spectrum (16k and 48K, IIRC that had some landmarks and two airstrips.

The landmarks were lakes called "long lake" and "oval lake", and I bet you can't guess what shape they were!

Spectrum FS had a take-off-and-wander mode as well as the final approach one, too."

Howard Jones.