Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1 Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1 Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1
Exhibit:Sabres over Korea

Mission Name SABRE 008: MIGCAP
A/c F-86F Sabre
Briefing Date: December 1952
Time: 1200
Airfield: Enroute
A/c: F-86F Sabre
" Protect your wingman from all ground and air threats until the rescue helicopter arrives.

Once the backup flight of Sabres takes over you may return to base.
MiGMan's Combat Diary There was a tank column approaching my downed wingman. I despatched them neatly with the help of my "unlimited rockets". Then I spotted truck column approaching. For the life of me I couldn't hit them with cannon fire despite repeated strafing runs... obviously I need more practice.

Sabres over Korea Sabres over Korea

Anyway rockets did the trick again and I headed home.

As I arced in for finals in what was now becoming an enjoyable and familiar routine I noticed something odd about the runway.... smoke !

Was it a Xmas B-B-Q ?

Gear up, flaps up and a fly-by revealed a Sabre and a Banshee splayed across the runway with rescue trucks in attendance. OK - off to the divert runway.

I established a slow climb - making sure I was going to clear the mountains and then put my head down in the cockpit to find the ADF channel for the divert. Whoooshhh ! Ack Ack Ack !

What the .... ?

MiG's attacking the base and mixing it up with Sabres - jeeez they came in fast!

Dropping my checklists I pushed the throttle forward and started mixing it up, resulting in my most satisfying MiG kill yet. As usual, teamwork was involved.

One of my wingmen clipped the MiG and obviously upset the pilot who entered a slow right turn. I was screaming in from behind - airbrake out and I settled into a perfect firing position. Even I couldn't miss this one!

Even I couldn't miss this one ! In no time the rest of the MiGs had scattered or crashed so I dialled in slot 80 - Yangyu - on the ADF and headed off.

I was just lining up finals and fiddling with my camera to take a shot for this diary when I was jumped by 2 more MiGs. They were good too - every time I lined up on one the other would be dogging my tail. I did manage to splash one after a frantic tussle - and then had a terrific head on collision with the other.
Gun camera footage Sabres over Korea