Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1 Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1 Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1
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The development team

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Mission construction has been facilitated by the work of two pioneers, who cut through Microsoft's idiotic decision to make Mission-creation the province of Excel users, and thus an elitist hobby, and brought it to a level that most of us could understand. First off, I use Andrew C Wai's Mission Generator to set up the parameters of a mission, so that I don't have to do much typing to get it off the ground.

Secondly, I use Keith Bedford's CFSme to fine tune the details and expand the original concept. Without the sterling work of these two individuals, I'd be stuck in one-on-one Quick Combat over Interlaken, so a big thanks to both of them for making their work available.

I realise that others have also come along with similar Mission creating concepts, and no offence to them, but Andrew C Wai and Keith Bedford's products are the ones that I currently use and feel comfortable with.

Thanks to all the other people who've made this and the Korean War package possible, particularly those who created all the fun aircraft you see zooming around the skies and occasionally pumping buckets of lead in your direction, and who have all given their most generous permission to allow us to use them. These include
  • Mike Hill
  • Dennis Wasnich
  • Tim Conrad
  • Bernd Drefhal
  • Herve Devred
  • Bill Lyons
  • Bob Tremblay
  • Gerry Schmidt
  • and of course, Bruno Duffort
Special thanks to Phil Perrott at Alphasim for allowing us to use the Sabre. The authors' original documentation is included with their files. Special mention goes to Bill Potvin, the well known developer who has made so much possible in CFS, and who as part of his apparent Grand Plan to remake the entire World, went ahead and built Korea out of CFS textures and posted them on his already bulging web page. It was this effort that inspired and finally persuaded me to bid farewell to Interlaken and re-locate our Korean War packages in Korea. Thanks go to Bill, for his creativity with the Korean scenery, and his generosity in allowing us to use it for this and future packages. Also for his generous help in creating the K_Library of Korean War static aircraft for this and future campaigns. Thanks to Doug Attrell for helping create the KorWar package

I hope you'll all have fun with this.

Mike Eustace