Skychase by Broderbund.
Skychase Skychase for the PC, distributed by Broderbund. Mark Hermonat reported :

Skychase was a simple dogfight simulator where you flew against a computer or another human player using a split screen, like Topgun.

Splash Screen
Menu screen
Start screen

There were successive levels and I have never been able to finish it as the levels keep on going and getting more and more difficult. The highest I ever got was level 45 I think.

Level 45 !!!!!! MiGMan

It is unplayable on todays machines so an older 386 is needed. The player could pick from many different jets to fly - all of the typical ones like F-16, F-18, F-15 etc, some exotic ones and various MiGs too. It was great to just boot up and dogfight a quick mission.

Splash screen -

Weapons consisted of cannon and either radar or heat-seeking missiles. You were given a number of planes (lives) and when they were destroyed you would lose. The main challenge was to stay within the grid play area or else you would spontaneously blow up.

Jets were wireframe graphics but the gameplay was smooth. This was another one I really enjoyed playing over and over as everytime I did, it was different. Its so weird that I have never seen reference to it anywhere else except the one time I bought it at a computer store in 1988 Toronto Canada.

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