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Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber Strike Aces or Fighter Bomber
Exhibit: Strike Aces / Fighter Bomber (1989)

Commodore Amiga version



  1. Tent Buster - Destroy the four command tents and the train, then land at Gillette Airport using Rwy36L.
  2. Cookhouse - Allied leaders have been captured. Destroy the tanks ( LGBs are supported ). Land at Buffalo Airport to collect secret plans, then fly to Sheriden Airport and deliver them using Rwy36L or Rwy18R. Enemy troops are in the nearby town - destroy their transports. Land at nearest civil airport using any runway.
  3. Bigbird - Destroy the three transmitter aerials plus their SAM protection. There is also a large calibre artillery gun. Land back at Ellsworth AFB on Rwy18. ( another mission with an enemy SAM launcher on the runway!)
  4. Mole Strangler - All enemy targets must be destroyed. You start with low internal fuel, and due to length of mission, you may require air-air refuelling twice. Pick up secret plans from specified airport on Rwy36 or Rwy36L and deliver them to other specified airport, again using Rwy36 or 36L. Fly down the "tunnel of death" and also destroy all SAM's in the "tunnel". Land back at base on any Rwy. Warning, a 10min timer may start at any time during the mission - the mission must be completed before the timer stops.

MiGMan thanks Rob "Bomber" Henderson for these recollections.