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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

PR blurb

" So you want to fly? You want to REALLY fly?

Well you made the right choice with TFX...Take total control of one of three of the finest aircraft money can't buy: the Eurofighter 2000, the Lockheed F-22 Superstar and the Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter.

Puncture the clouds and marvel at the view of the world below. Feel the intense thrill of flying low, hard and fast over cities and rolling hills, through a hail of triple-A illuminating the night sky and swarms of hostile fighters.

So you want to fight? In TFX there are entire countries ready to take you on. Fly to South America for crack combat with powerful drug barons. Succeed where so many others have failed in putting a halt to the horror of the Bosnian conflict. Free the world from oppression and earn medals and honors in the bargain.

Even when you manage to make the TFX world a safe place in which to live, you can always construct your own devilish missions to amuse yourself.

But above all: keep the peace."
From the TFX PR machine, 1993 .