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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


Enroll to one of three squadrons - the F-22 Superstars, the F-117 Darkstars or the EF-2000 Blue Angels - and become involved in their actions around the world. But this is more than a glorified world tour ...

The theater of operations will become apparent when the time is right. A full brief of the situation at hand will be given along with a map of the area in which the mission takes place.

Press the Space Bar to step through a numbered breakdown of the mission.

Press the right-hand mouse button to skip the mission briefing.

Now arm your aircraft. Where you fly from - in the air or on a land- or aircraft carrier-based runway - depends on the mission in question.

Five true-to-life storylines with a mission structure - an interactive soap opera, if you will. The way you play will change the course of history, for better or worse. Pick a scenario, any scenario. Now pay close attention to the news reports, press conferences, UN Assembly crisis meetings and orders from the top brass as the story's background unfolds and the scene is set before your very eyes ...

Press the left-hand mouse button to skip any stage of the background information.

Press the spacebar or the Esc key to move on to the next mission.

An aircraft and weaponry suitable to the mission at hand will be chosen for you. All you have to do is complete the missions ...

Build your own missions with ease from the comfort of UN Central Command. It wouldn't be wise to fly an F-117A Stealth Bomber over a hostile terrain, in the middle of the day, for all to see, and here's where you can find out why ...

Choose anywhere in the TFX world and use satellite imagery to scan the area. Select your targets, determine the time of day, the weather conditions, the quantity and quality of threats and more besides.

Pick an aircraft, arm it and then attempt to score as many points as possible and see if you can beat yourself at your own game. You can even save the missions to hard disk and then copy them to floppy disk to swap with your pals.

For further details, see BUILDING A MISSION on page 42. "

From the manual