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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


Displays information regarding the in-flight control of your aircraft. In an F-22 or Eurofighter, the mission adaptive wing indicator in the top right-hand corner shows a schematic representation of the wing cross-section. A short line on the left-hand side of the Control MFD shows the angle of deflection of the leading edge flaps or slats (although in fact slats move in a more complex way). A longer line on the right-hand side shows deflection of the trailing edge flaps. The greater the downward deflection of the flaps, the more lift they produce. Normally the flaps are automatically adjusted in flight according to the aircraft's needs, but if the flaps become damaged, they may lock in position.

In an F-22, thrust vectoring angles are indicated in the top left-hand corner of the Control MFD. The maximum deflection is 20 degrees up or down.

Control mode information is shown below these displays. The sensitivity of the aerodynamic controls is automatically adjusted to suit your situation. The modes are as follows:

Medium sensitivity - the normal mode

Highly sensitive - for air-to-air combat

Insensitive - for a steady landing

Auto pilot

Note that when the auto pilot is activated, further information is displayed. See THE AUTO PILOT on page 25 for more details. "

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