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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993



Combat has changed dramatically in aerial warfare over the last 60 years but some basic rules still apply. What follows is some straightforward advice which should help you last longer in the skies. But first ...


Your aircraft is usually armed automatically, but there are times when you get to choose the equipment, which is where the Aircraft Arming Screen comes into use.
Your choice of weaponry will depend on the mission profile - there's no point in wasting space carrying air-to-ground weapons when bombing runs are not the order of the day. That said, it's advisable to always carry a couple of defensive air-to-air missiles when flying the F-22 or Eurofighter.

A miniature representation of your aircraft acts as a pointer (note the way that any equipment added is also shown on the pointer). Use the mouse to move the pointer around the screen. Touch the tip of the pointer on the desired option or equipment. (Use the slider to the right of the stock list to view the available equipment.)

Press the left-hand mouse button to select an option or 'pick
up' a piece of equipment.

Press the left-hand mouse button when the pointer is not touching an option or piece of equipment - the pointer will disappear. You can now use the mouse to rotate the aircraft and view it from all angles.

Press the right-hand mouse button to bring back the pointer.

Having 'picked up' a piece of equipment, the possible mounting positions are highlighted on the aircraft (if none are shown then the equipment cannot be carried by the aircraft in question or a box will appear to inform you that no pylons are available for that weapon). Move the equipment to the desired mounting. Note the internal and external weight limitations.

Press the left-hand mouse button to place the equipment on the mounting.

Press the right-hand mouse button to place the equipment back in stock.

Select this to remove all equipment from the aircraft.

Select this to change the pointer into a red 'eraser'. Now select the equipment (on the aircraft) you wish to remove. Ensure that you have a clear view of the aircraft's underside, to make the removal of equipment easier.

Press the right-hand mouse button to bring back the pointer.

Press Escape to reset previous pylon selection.

If you don't want to call the shots you can always let the TFX program make the choice of weapons for you ...

Select this to load your aircraft with a selection of appropriate equipment.

Select this to view the underside of the aircraft - and all equipment in position.

Select this to proceed when you are happy with your choice of equipment.


From the manual