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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


You can attempt to manually use your cannons and missiles to destroy ground-based targets, but your best bet is to take advantage of the Laser Target Designator wherever possible.


This nifty piece of kit allows you to accurately determine a GBU
bomb's destination to within inches of a target. It has a 100
mile radius range (but that doesn't mean that the bomb will
travel that far) and is best used from an altitude of around
6,000 ft.

The target appears on your radar. Soon you will make visual
contact. Prepare yourself ... Ensure that the aircraft is on a
level course before engaging the LTD - you don't want to end up

Press the backspace key to select air-to-ground mode.

Press the Z key to activate the Laser Target Designator.

The view will change to show that of the Laser Target Designator
(Fig 4). The flashing 'T' above the crosshair shows that you have
yet to select a target.
A target is selected by directing a laser beam to illuminate it.

Press the arrow (Cursor) keys to move the crosshair.

Press the < key to zoom in and the > key to zoom out - up to 10
times magnification and down to zero.

Press the Z key to reset the zoom to default.

Press the Z key when the target is shown inside the lock.

The 'L' above the crosshair will flash instead of the 'T', to
show that you have locked on to a target. Are you sure that's
close enough?

Press the X key to break the lock.

Press any function (view) key to see the aircraft.

With the lock determined, a 'funnel' (invisible to the eye) is
created between your aircraft and the target. The computer-
controlled bomb will attempt to stay within the boundaries of the
funnel in order to hit its target. You may now launch a bomb.

From the manual