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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993



All the major air forces of the world have infrared heat seeking missiles, which lock on to your exhaust pipe, or radar-guided missiles which aim for your radar-emitting cockpit and nose cone. All are the most dangerous threats you will meet in the skies.


You will know when an infrared missile is heading straight for you because the missile warning panel will be flashing 'IR LCK' and 'LCH' like crazy. This is not a good time to panic. Drop a few decoy flares in the hope that they will appear more appealing to the missile than your engines.

Ensure that your afterburners are off then perform a hard brake and turn sharply into a defensive position. An infrared missile has a narrow field of vision and can easily lose its lock once your aircraft - its rear quarter in particular - is out of sight. A last minute evasion may avoid the missile because it's heading toward you at such a high speed and has no time to turn. However, be warned that the latest infrared missiles are persistent and will chase you until their fuel runs out.


These are tricky blighters, regardless of whether they are launched in the air or from the ground. Dropping chaff will cloud a radar-guided missile's vision giving you precious split-seconds to perform a defensive break and get the hell out of there. Unfortunately, it's far harder to break a radar-guided missile's lock than it is an infrared's.

The other option open to you is to use Electronic Counter Measures. The incoming radar-guided missile will weave erratically as its guidance system is screwed up by the powerful electronic pulses from your ECM pod.

From the manual