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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


Select the weapon type: air-to-air, air-to-ground or cannons. Note that the HUD will change to reflect the selection.

Press the Enter key to select air-to-air weapons.

Press the Enter key again to switch between the different types of air-to-air missiles.

Press the backspace key to select air-to-ground weapons.

Press the right-hand Control key to select cannons (and change the HUD to navigation mode).

Press the spacebar to fire the selected weapon.

Used to guide GBU air-to-ground missiles to their targets. For
further details, see USING THE LASER TARGET DESIGNATOR on page

Press the Z key to activate the Laser Target Designator.

Press the arrow (cursor) keys to move the crosshair.

Press the < key to zoom in and the > key to zoom out.

Press the Z key when the target is shown inside the lock.

Press the X key to break the lock.

Press any function (view) key to see the aircraft.


Literally little pieces of tin foil which confuse the hell out of
radar-guided missiles. Note that chaff is always in limited
supply, regardless of the play option.

Press the Insert key to release chaff.

Used to confuse heat-seeking missiles. Note that flares are always in limited supply, regardless of the play option. Press the Delete key to release flares.

Electronic Counter Measure. The aircraft lights up like a Christmas tree to every radar and tracking device within 200 miles so use it only when you have been detected. It confuses any radar tracking devices. ECM works in two ways: it gives inbound radar-guided missiles a nervous fit - as they attempt to home in they shake violently and cannot manoeuvre fast enough. It also prevents or makes it more difficult for the enemy fighter to lock a missile on to you.

Press the E key to emit ECM.

Effectively the opposite of ECM. Your aircraft becomes 'passive',
receiving but not emitting signals, which makes it almost
invisible on radar.

Press the S key to activate stealth mode.


From the manual