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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


When it all goes horribly wrong and death is on line, why settle for anything less than survival? (Well, there is a great danger of being captured if you eject over enemy territory.)

Press the Esc key TWICE to eject from your aircraft. Note that your descent can be controlled to a limited degree.

Please note: eject wisely. Should you decide to ditch the aircraft in a situation which is not life threatening, you risk Court Martial proceedings for destroying $100 million worth of hardware.

Your aircraft's fuel tank and air-to-ground stores can become a liability in certain situations. For example, when using the Military Specification flight model, the added weight makes your aircraft more cumbersome in air-to-air combat. With the loss of weight you gain maneuverability. Just try not to drop your load on innocent civilians.

Press and hold an Alt key then press the J key to jettison your
aircraft's fuel tank and air-to-ground stores.

It needs to be open if you are to refuel in mid-air. For further
details, see REFUELING on page 33.

Press the ' key to open your aircraft's refuel access.

Sometimes you need to know whether the weather is good or bad.

Press an Alt key then press the W key to call up the weather
conditions in the Internal Communications area.


Maybe you want to answer the door or the call of nature ...

Press the P key to freeze the action.

Press any key to resume play.

Adjust pertinent play details (for further details see TFX

Press the ` (above tab key) key to call up the preferences

A state-of-the-art system used to record the action as you see it. Any footage of 3D action will be broadcast immediately after the mission at a special television press conference - so make it look good!

Press and hold the left-hand Alt key then press the V key to toggle the video recorder ON or OFF. Note: there may be a slight pause as the video footage is written to the hard disk. If hard disk space is limited, keep the footage short and sweet.

Lengthy flights across barren terrain can prove a real drag. To compensate for this, time itself can be increased by a factor of 10. Note that everything in the TFX world will speed up - including your aircraft's handling and the enemy's movements! Press the T key to toggle accelerated time ON or OFF.

Without dying - but only if your mission is complete.

Press and hold the left-hand shift key then press the Q key to
quit play.


From the manual