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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


It is often thought that fighter aircraft tackle seven distinct types of mission. They are as follows:

You have been scrambled to meet incoming hostiles. Stop them at all costs.

Win control of the sky by taking out all airborne enemy craft in the area.

Use multiple 'bomblettes' against heavily-armoured tanks and vehicles.

Provide air cover for ground-based troops.

Destroy a fixed ground target, be it a bridge or a factory. This is the most common mission you will encounter. Most missions for the F-117A are of the Interdiction variety.

Destroy ground-based targets such as SAM radars and SAM sites.

A battle over the water against ships or carrier-based operations.

TFX caters for all seven mission profiles. Be warned that often you will need to complete more than one mission profile at the same time.

The TFX environment is a vast, fully realized portion of the world's potential and actual trouble spots. All terrain is accurately mapped and the world as a whole remains consistent between missions (so anything destroyed stays destroyed). The TFX environment is split into five distinct 'climes' which incorporate specific missions to test your mettle.

Operation Restore Hope II.
Famine is rife once again and General Mohammed Aideed's warlords are on the war-path. It's time for the UN to sort out this horrific situation once and for all. Can you crush the oppressors to allow relief convoys to move in?

The Drugs War.
The government has been ousted and civil war is raging between the new force (the drug cartels) and those loyal to the former regime. Normally the UN doesn't get involved in such internal messes, but this time the possibility of a drugs explosion has far-reaching, world-wide consequences.

Saddam Hussein has denied access to inspectors in search of proof of nuclear weapons production. It's down to the UN to make him see sense.

The Balklands is still the tinderbox of Europe, and war has exploded again as the armies of Serbia and Croatia attempt to carve up Bosnia and besiege the UN-declared safe havens.

Somewhere around South Georgia ... In 1999 the biggest oil discovery the world has ever seen has resulted in neighboring countries clambering to make claims. England and Argentina have sovereign rights but the South Americans want the oil so badly they will even go to war for it. To make matters worse, a ship carrying enough plutonium to produce 200 heavyweight nuclear bombs has gone missing in the area. The UN have been called in to find out what's going on ... and maybe wage battle against whatever lies in wait. "

From the manual