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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


Created by Digital Image Design Ltd

Published by Ocean of America, Inc.

Concept & Design-Martin Kenwright

Flight Model-Roderick Victor Kennedy,Jamie Cansdale

Head of Programming-Colin Bell

3D Engine & Memory Management-Russell Payne

UN Commander & Combat Editor-Nevil Plura

Game Flow Editor, Instruments, Missions-David Dixon

World Generator, Flight Model-Jamie Cansdale

3D Vector-Ian Boardman, Andrew Gahan

Graphic Design-Rod Kennedy, Rob Ball, Martin Kenwright

Mission Construction-Martin Kenwright, Tim Johnson, Andy Gahan

Documentation-Gary Penn, Rod Kennedy, Martin Kenwright, Tim Johnson

Additional Work-Tim Johnson, Charles Wallace, Shaun Hollywood

Special thanks go to Victor DeAlmeida and Mark Rogers for their long hours of product testing to ensure the highest product quality standards.

Music & Sound FX- Barry Leitch with help from Dean Evans

Music & Sound Driver- Les Long, Colin Bell

Manual Illustrations:

Eurofighter 2000-Richard Soddy

F-117 Stealth Bomber-Adam Toby

F-22 Superstar-Androw Sandoz

Cover Photography-Erik Simonsen

And Introducing ...The Voice of Gary Bracey as The UN Pilot With No Name

Dylan Borne, Danny Borne Antony Burns

JANE'S ALL THE WORLD'S AIRCRAFT 1992-93 by Mark Lambert (Ed), Jane's Information Group, 1992

DESIGN FOR AIR COMBAT by Ray Whitford, Jane's Publishing Company Ltd, 1987

YF-22 AND YF-23 ADVANCED TACTICAL FIGHTERS by Bill Sweetman, Motorbooks International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1991

ADVANCED FIGHTER TECHNOLOGY by Bill Sweetman, Airlife Publishing Ltd, 1987


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