To this day TFX remains one of the most enjoyable Stealth Fighter sims.
You are under UN command.
Virtual cockpit, red out due to negative G's and the regular cockpit view.
Arming screen
Excerpt from our motivational briefing
Looking forward to flying the F-117
And we are off to Bosnia apparently.

Carrier Ops

F-117 external view

F-117 MMD

F-117 FLIR

The sim takes a personal interest in your career, which is a nice touch.

The afterburner looks great, especially at dusk. Notice the shock wave rings in the afterburner cone.

Downtown, where the weather's fine...

Bitchin Betty is trying to tell me something!

This looks bad!

I received a full animated military burial

They say there's no such thing as bad press! I am not so sure.