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 TFX | by Digital Image Design

TFX: by Digital Image Design

HUD (Heads Up Display) from TXX, 1993


To play TFX it must be installed on to a hard disk drive. Note that the only way to abort installation is to reboot your computer.

Insert disk 1 into the computer's floppy disk drive.

At the DOS prompt C:\ > type the letter corresponding to the floppy disk drive (most are either A or B) followed by a colon : and press Enter.

At the A:\ > (or B:\ >) prompt, type INSTALL and press Enter.

The TFX Hard Disk Installation Program will run. Follow the on- screen prompts to install TFX to your hard disk drive. When you are prompted to swap disks, do so.

Once TFX is installed to your hard disk, a Configuration Program will run so you can define default settings for TFX. If you wish to reconfigure the settings at a later time, ensure that you are at the TFX directory in DOS and type CONFIG. Press ENTER to run the TFX Configuration Program. Please note to SAVE whenever changes are made.

Type TFX at the C:\TFX > prompt to run TFX. Total escapism is just around the corner...


Minimum 386 33 MHZ IBM PC or 100% compatibles or Tandy required. 486 Recommended. Requires 2 MB of RAM Free, 4 MB RAM Free required for sound FX and music. CD-ROM Drive, MSCDEX 2.1 or higher Requires 570K Conventional Memory. Requires 6 MB Free Hard Disk Space. MS DOS 5.0 or above. SVGA or VGA 256 color required. Supports Roland, LAPC1, SCC1 Canvas, Adlib, and Soundblaster or Soundblaster Compatibles. Supports Keyboard, Joystick, Thrustmaster and Flightstick Pro. Mouse Required.


Insert the TFX CD into your CD-ROM drive and log on by typing the letter of that drive followed by a colon : and press Enter. For example, if your CD-ROM drive is installed as drive D, type D: and press Enter.

Type INSTALL, press Enter and follow the on-screen prompts. TFX CD-ROM requires MSCDEX 2.1 or higher and a CD-ROM driver installed. If your CD-ROM works with other products then these drivers should already be installed. If not, consult the documentation for your CD-ROM drive for details. You will need at least 570K free for DOS after loading the CD-ROM driver and MSCDEX.