Top Gun

Top Gun was released in 1987 by Thunder Mountain for the Commodore C-64 and IBM PC.

It featured a Split Screen, 2 player mode

Rob "Bomber" Hendersonremembered:

"The best head-head two player I had was TopGun. Flying F14 against F14, using what looked like Phoenix missiles but acted like Sparrows. The graphics were sparse, but the aircraft were really good. They were wire frame, but they looked like F14s. The aircraft were very manoeuvrable albeit with a very simple flight model.

But the action was fast and furious, and you really did need to get that lock on first and your missile away before the other guy! It was so much fun flying against my mate Tom - we used to make it a guns only match and call "Fight's On!" after we passed each other at full pelt!

I don't know if it was a bug in the game or just my computer playing up, but one day I just kept on going and going until I was just worn out - you would get a score board after each match and by the time I finished there was no room to add any more kill markings to the screen!

I also remember being amazed at the intro screen while the game was loading. It was a couple of side views of F14s. One in flight, the other gear down. All vector graphics ( I think thats what they called it ) and really well detailed considering the machine it was on. The music was a good attempt too ( couple of tracks from the TopGun movie )."

Top Gun reviewed at MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum -
Top Gun reviewed at MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum -

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