Top Gun - Hornet's Nest

Top Gun Hornet's Nest was released in 1998 by Microprose. It continued the story of Top Gun the movie with your character playing the part of Maverick . The first noticeable difference is that you are flying an F/A-18 Hornet rather than the F-14 Tomcat. The missions include more Air - to - Ground, reflecting the Hornet's dual role.

This is probably the most challenging aspect of the sim.... knowing when to change focus from Ground targets to Air threats.

Scratch one ship

From the very first mission you have to cope with attacking ships and MiG-29's at the same time!

I'd recommend spending some time in the Instant Action module practising using the Radar / Threat Indicator display to sort out missiles and targets. Cockpit from Top Gun Hornet's Nest

In mission 2 you have to race the clock as you fly as fast as you dare up a narrow canyon to take out a missile site.Each mission is introduced with a video clearly demonstrating how to achieve the objectives.

Hind Gunship

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