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 BVR: Total Air War | A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.

BVR: Total Air War: A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.

The F-22 in TAW features integrated sensors and weapons, and the fire control system will prioritize all the threats or targets based on all available sensor and downlink data and build a "shoot list" for each weapon type.

Video by bakermiaz.

The targets show up on the attack MFD and in the HUD/HMD with symbols indicating position and direction of motion, and with the first priority target in a circle.

The defense MFD (repeated in the lower left corner of the HMD) shows positions of threats as well as their estimated radar coverage cones. The defensive systems are largely automated, but you still need to honor the threat - placing an incoming missile at your 3 or 9 o’clock is a good start. BVR combat can get VERY busy in TAW.

BVR Combat and Shoot Lists
Action Key
Build shoot list for current weapon T
Clear shoot list U
Cycle through shoot list C
Assign current target
to wingman
Padlock threat -
missile or aircraft

Radar Warning Receiver Attack MFD Defensive MFD Targets on the F22 Heads Up Display

MiGMan thanks Chino for his assistance with this Museum exhibit.