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 Total Air War | A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.

Total Air War: A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.


Although an expensive, stealthy "air dominance fighter" like the F-22 should despatch most threats with BVR missiles, use of the gun is still an important skill.

Besides, gun kills are fun!

Video by bakermiaz.

TAW has great training tools for dogfighting, and the F-22 does well in both turning fights and energy fights, depending on your opponent and altitude. You should start out in the "Dogfighting" section of the training missions, or use "Custom Combat" to set up any sort of engagement (pop a Learjet!). Recording and viewing your fights with ACMI will help you learn from your mistakes.

This walk-through is for the second guns-only dogfight training mission against a single MiG-29M at low altitude.

Choose this mission

The Fulcrum is one of the easier fighter opponents in TAW (at least at medium difficulty).

Having padlock (F2 or F3) and front view (F1) keys mapped to buttons on your stick will help you close with the bandit and not with the ground. The mission starts at the head-on merge as the MiG flashes over your head. You are both VERY fast.

ACM in the F-22
Action Key
Turn on ACMI recording   Alt - R
Build shoot list
(lock bandit)
Speed brake B
Throttle Back -
Wide angle view mode K
Padlock threat F3
Front view F1

NOTE: Rather than staying low and bleeding off speed with the brake, you can open with a "vertical lead turn," pulling up into a fairly steep climb (5G or so) with low power to bring airspeed down near 300 knots. You can roll to keep the bandit in sight while climbing (he will generally climb with you).

MiGMan thanks Chino for his assistance with this Museum exhibit.

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