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 Landing checklist: Total Air War | A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.

Landing checklist: Total Air War: A ground breaking flight simulation from 1995 by DID.

Landing checklist

The F-22 in TAW is pretty easy to land.

The ILS HUD (or HMD) places a set of boxes along the glide slope to the active runway, and you simply fly through them. It will also display cues for altitude and speed. To start landing procedures, you should be within 15 nm of a friendly airfield. We'll assume a direct approach here, though you can also choose a more normal "circuit approach" and an abbreviated "teardrop" pattern. Note that you need to be in EMCON 2 or above for any comms (press E to change level if necessary).

F-22 Landing checklist
Action Key
Landing Push 1
Contact Tower Push 1
Vectors for Direct Approach 1, 2 for airfield, 3 for direct
Cycle to ILS HUD mode H
Throttle back - or use throttle quadrant
Brake for 230 kts -B
Slow to 170 kts - or throttle and B
Call final approach 1 - 2 - 6
On Finals
Velocity Vector (VV) just beyond numbers
Slight pull to flare at 50 ft
Speed/wheel brakes on touchdown
NOTE - slight back pressure on the stick will help slow down
Taxi Back to parking spot
or end mission

Note: In campaign missions, a full-stop landing will immediately re-arm and re-fuel your F-22, so you can take off on the remaining runway and rejoin the action.

MiGMan thanks Chino for his assistance with this Museum exhibit.

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