Tuskegee Fighters

Tuskegee Fighters was published by Abacus

It adds aircraft, scenery, objects and missions to Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998).

The Tuskegee Air Squadrons trained in Stearman biplanes and T6 Texans in Tuskegee, Alabama. When they were assigned to active duty in North Africa and Europe they were reassigned to fly the P40s, P47s and P51s.

P-51 Mustang over France

Stearman PT-17 Trainer

Flyable aircraft

  • P47 Thunderbolt
  • P51 4 color schemes
  • T6 Texan
  • PT17 Stearman
  • P40 North Africa

The primary task of the Tuskegee Fighters was to escort the B-17 Flying Fortress bombers on their way to German ground targets from Southern Europe.

After initial training in Northern Africa, they moved. They operated from airfields in Italy. During the escort missions they encountered many enemy aircraft and took part in dozens of dogfights.

The team

2 of the interactive objects (destroyable) which you can use in your own mission design...